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Chairman Migo Media’s Goals for 2015

Goals for 2015

Last year, 2014, I wrote down some goals for 2014, which included the following:

  • My new goals are to post 100 new articles, double my page views, double my unique visitor views, and double my comments. This means, I would like to have received 35,000 page views and 18,000 unique visitors during the course of one year. I believe this goal is obtainable but it will require more work on my part. I would also like to be more active on Twitter and increase the number of email subscribers.

70,000 page views

If you are interested in finding out about last year’s goals than read this article about 2014 stats. This year, I have new goals for 2015. My monthly average page views (now) is between 5,500 and 6,000 page views. So next year, I would like to get over 70,000 page views (6,000×12= 72,000). I think this is possible because in 2014 the site received a little over 48,000 page views. I will be writing new content throughout 2015 and along with my previous content, I believe this goal is obtainable.

75 new articles

Last year, the goal was to write 100 new articles, unfortunately I did not meet this goal and only posted 50 new articles. This year, my goal for 2015 is to write 75 articles. I will try to write one article per week. These articles will be in-depth articles that are related to marketing in Asia and have been well researched and written. The goal is to post one article a week on Monday and promote it throughout the week. Those 52 articles will be researched and written by myself.

I am also looking for 12-15 guest articles. Last year, I was able to post 6 guest articles and I found they were useful and successful for both the agencies and my site. The guest articles allowed for a different perspective and provided additional content to the site.

I will also write one list per month (12 articles). I am not a fan of lists, but I will not deny the traffic and opportunities they bring. Lists tend to rank high and bring a lot of traffic to my site, also, most of the guest articles were provided by agencies that I added to lists. So, they do provide a great way to introduce my site and to interact with agencies. This is a balancing act for two reasons; one if you add too many lists it can hurt SEO and two the lists provide little value for email subscribers. So, I have decided to limit it to one advertising agency list per month. If you are interested in being on one of my lists, feel free to get in touch. The “winner” of the 2014 lists was YSD with around 800 click-throughs last year.

Add it all up (12+12+52 = 76), if all goes well, than next year I should post around 75 articles. This will be around 1-2 articles per week. I know that I get busy and I may not meet this goal, but it is better to dream big and fail than to complete a goal early and lose interest.

Twitter is a lot of work

Last year, one of my goals was to increase my Twitter follower count and I did, but Twitter is a lot of work. I increased my follower count by about 300 followers from around 600 followers (fake) to 900 followers (600 fake + 300 real). This is a good amount of real followers and I tweeted a lot throughout the year, but I found that the CTR on Twitter is extremely low. I only received around 150 clicks from Twitter. The goal next year is to increase my total follower count to around 1200, but I will focus less on Twitter this year because the results are not great.

Facebook hates marketers

With all the updates from Facebook last year, it became hard to maintain an active Facebook page. It is very dishearten to see Facebook restrict and control their platform to make money, but it was only a matter of time. Facebook still has a lot of potential for marketers that have the time and energy to work with the platform. But since this site is mostly a hobby/passion, I am afraid that the Facebook page will continue to be useless for this site. I will continue to “maintain” it, but I really don’t have the time and energy to get organic growth & views and I don’t have money to waste on advertising. So, for now it will be a posting ground for “Social Backlinks” for SEO purposes (much like G+). I was able to get over 800+ clicks/views from Facebook, so, I will continue to use it but I can’t promise much.

E-mail Subscribers

One of the goals last year was to increase the number of email Subscribers. I was able to double the number of email subscribers, but this number is very low. I am thinking of writing some kind of e-book or offer some additional resources in exchange for emails, but again, this all takes time and energy. I know the reason my email subscription is low and I will work harder on this next year. I will try to post more regularly and create better content, but it is easier said than done. I am willing to share most numbers with my readers, but this number is embarrassingly low. I will say thank you for the few subscribers I do have and I hope you stick around next year.

Final thoughts on the goals for 2015

Around two years ago, I started Chairman Migo, which became Chairman (Migo) Media, with one goal: to learn more about marketing in China to land a marketing job. After about 8 months, I started working for a social media and content marketing agency. Mission accomplished! So, now what? I was left with a slightly successful site, a hand full of readers, and not enough time to write. But, I pushed through, more out of passion than anything else, and now I have a site that receives around 50,000 page views a year. To some that might seem like a small number and even laughable, but I have started something with no previous website management skills and no SEO knowledge. I have built a site that provides value and I am interested in seeing how far I can take it. So, with your help, lets make 2015 a great year for Chairman Media and for marketing in China and in Asia!

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  • Reply
    Tait Lawton
    January 8, 2015 at 8:29 am

    That’s great Migo. 加油!

    But, what do you get out of it now? Is it mainly for your learning? I mean, you already attained your original goal of getting a job.

    • Reply
      Chairman Migo
      January 11, 2015 at 7:02 am

      That is a great question. It is still a great way to learn. I also would like to work in an agency in the future or do different marketing (than what I am currently doing). So, having the blog allows me to network and learn.

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