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Creating a New Mobile Gaming Platform in China – Idea

mobile gaming platform in China

The Idea – Creating a new mobile gaming platform in China

Sometimes, I get bored and when I get bored I often think about many things (i.e. taking over the world, space travel and taking over other worlds, being wealthy, etc.) you know the usual things people think about. But sometimes, my thoughts become more structured and I come up with better ideas.

Over the last few days an idea popped into my mind and I want to share it today. I want to create a mobile gaming platform in China or elsewhere that combines Twitter and YouTube like functions creating an engaging and interesting advertising and gaming platform.

I do not know if this idea already exists, if it does exist I am unaware of it and feel free to add a comment, so I can check it out. I am not too big in the gaming community. 

The app – new mobile gaming platform in China

The gaming aspect of the app will be similar to any other gaming platform that allows users to access and play multiple games within one app.

When users open the app, they will be taken to a main page that allows them to choose from different screens including Favorites, Search, News Feed, Account and Settings. If the user selects Favorites, they are taken to a screen with their saved/favorite games. If they select Search, they are taken to a screen that allows them to search all games. If they select News Feed, they are taken to a Twitter like feed that allows them to read articles and talk with friends and brands. Finally, if they select Account/Settings, they will be able to see their account settings.

Monetizing the App

The way that you turn this into an advertising platform and not just a gaming platform is very simple. Brands will purchase power-ups that can be used in different games. They will then offer these power-ups to gamers through their Twitter like feed within the app. Gamers who follow brands will be able to redeem the power-up after clicking on a link or watching a video (YouTube aspect of the app).

The link or video will be serviced in app. This will ensure that the users cannot avoid the advertising. The great aspect behind this type of advertising is that it is not interruption advertising. Gamers will still be able to control who they follow and whether or not to watch/read a certain advertisement.

This will also force advertisers to focus on their target markets. Currently, mobile advertising on mobile gaming platforms in China is interruption based and may not be relevant to the gamer. This platform will ensure that useless advertising is not served because it is based on pull strategies and not push strategies.

The way the app makes money is by selling both power-ups to brands and time. Most games have power-ups or additional tools that can be used within the game. Obviously, the brands that provide the best power-ups will have the most followers and receive the most advertising views.

Power-ups will get the clicks to the article or video, but how do you get the users to stay? The second aspect for monetizing the app will  be to sell time, because the advertising will be displayed in-app, the app can decide how long users are required to stay on the advertising screen. The brand could buy anything from 6 seconds (think Vine/Weishi videos) to 1 or 2 minutes. The strategy a brand uses is up to them, but if they force users to see advertisement for too long… Users will stop following them.

The Social Aspect

The social aspect is very similar to Twitter. Users can Re-Tweet, share, and comment on different items posted including videos (YouTube aspect). They can follow multiple brands and ask for special power-ups and gifts. Brands can grant these requests or require users to preform tasks like RT, share pictures, vote, etc. before giving new power-ups or gifts.

Final thoughts on creating a New Mobile Gaming Platform in China

I don’t know if this is a good idea, but I do know that all of the technology exists to create this mobile gaming platform in China. Currently, mobile advertising is not working, in my opinion, it is using an out-dated technique. Interruption advertising is becoming less effective and often costs advertisers tons of money on wasted views (not to mention the fact that humans hate it!). By creating a Twitter like feed within the app, users are choosing to view advertising that they feel is more relevant to them and the brands they want to follow.

Again, this is just an idea that has been bouncing around in my head for the last few days. If there is a platform that already does this or if this is a terrible idea, leave a comment and let me know.

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