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Equal Pay Day & The UN Women’s Anti-Discrimination Campaign

Women like men, only cheaper

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The UN Women’s Anti-Discrimination Campaign & Equal Pay Day

I recently saw two great advertisements that highlighted sexual discrimination in the workforce. Women often get paid less than men for completing the same job. In this post, we will look at the two adverts. The first one is about Equal Pay day and the second is a new campaign highlighting discrimination against women.

‘Equal Pay Day’, An ATM That Gives Less Money To Men

The first advert is about “Equal Pay Day”. Every year, around April, Equal Pay Day is held to remind people that there is a major wage gap between male and female wages. The advert is in Switzerland; where women are paid 20% less than equally skilled men in comparable jobs. The advert is an ATM that gives men less money. Any man that uses the ATM on Equal Pay Day received 20% less money than they expected to receive. If they took out $100, they received $80. The advert is a great way to remind men of the inequality.

Ogilvy & Mather – Can a search be sexist? UN Women’s Anti-Discrimination Campaign

The next advert deals with sexual discrimination in general and less with equal pay but I still think it is a powerful advert and should be shared. Ogilvy & Mather, Dubai, teamed up with UN Women to create a powerful advert highlighting sexual discrimination. The team took a picture of a woman and added the well-known Google search box over her mouth. They then typed in different search terms. The results are painful. See below:


The advert is shocking and revealing. They used women of different backgrounds to show how women everywhere are affected by stereotypes and discrimination. You can see all the pictures here. The search terms they used included: Women should, Women shouldn’t, Women cannot, and Women need to.

Final Thought About Equal Pay Day

This post has little to do with China and I know I should stay focused but sometimes I see great advertising and I feel like sharing. This blog is about marketing and I usually try to relate it to China….. So, here is a report about Salary differentials according to sex in urban China. The report is a little old (2004) but the information is interesting.

I was unable to find any information about pay equality in the Marketing Industry in China but such is life. I think it would be an interesting report to find out how much women make in comparison to men in the Advertising/Marketing industry in China. Do you think there would be a major wage gap?

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