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Hola a todos,

Is this site dead? It has been over 3 months since I last wrote on Chairman Media and a lot of you might be wondering if I have given up on China. The truth is I have been living life! I have two big updates. First, I got married on June 25th, to a woman I have been with since 2010. We have been dating for a little over 5 years and this summer we tied the knot. That is the main reason I have not updated the website over the summer. We got married in the Netherlands near her hometown and it was perfect for us. We also went on our honeymoon for a few weeks, which is why I had no time to write for Chairman Media.

Boda Miguel y Yvonne

La segunda gran actualización es que comencé un nuevo trabajo. He comenzado a trabajar para China International Publishing Group (CIPG); I will be working for one of their brands called China importa and I will be their social media marketing manager. The title is Social Media Marketing Manager, but after working there for 2 weeks, I will really be taking on the role of Marketing Manager. They currently do not have a marketing manager and my first task was to write an entire marketing plan for the business.

Those are the two big updates. I will be working on this site again and start posting new content now that the honeymoon is over and things are getting back to normal. I have a few guest posts that have been sitting in my inbox and I will work to get them up. I will also get back to writing new content and interesting articles about China and Asia. If you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to leave a comment or if you want to write something for the site let me know.

¡Eso es todo por ahora! Esperamos traer contenido nuevo e interesante pronto y si desea mantenerse actualizado, agregue su correo electrónico en el lateral.

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    Agosto 20, 2016 1 en: 54 pm


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      Presidente Migo
      Agosto 20, 2016 11 en: 15 pm

      ¡Gracias! ¿Como has estado ultimamente?

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    CHILI Publish (@CHILI_publish)
    Octubre 14, 2016 1 en: 53 am

    Hola Miguel,
    ¿Vas a estar en 'All In Print China' en Shanghai la próxima semana?
    Sería genial si pudieras dedicar un poco de tiempo para hablar sobre cómo ingresar al mercado chino / encontrar buenos socios de marketing locales.
    ¡Espero encontrarnos pronto!

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