Is deze site dood? NEE! (bijwerken)

Hey Everyone,

Is this site dead? It has been over 3 months since I last wrote on Chairman Media and a lot of you might be wondering if I have given up on China. The truth is I have been living life! I have two big updates. First, I got married on June 25th, to a woman I have been with since 2010. We have been dating for a little over 5 years and this summer we tied the knot. That is the main reason I have not updated the website over the summer. We got married in the Netherlands near her hometown and it was perfect for us. We also went on our honeymoon for a few weeks, which is why I had no time to write for Chairman Media.

Miguel & Yvonne Wedding

De tweede grote update is dat ik een nieuwe baan ben begonnen. Ik ben begonnen voor te werken China International Publishing Group (CIPG); I will be working for one of their brands called China is belangrijk and I will be their social media marketing manager. The title is Social Media Marketing Manager, but after working there for 2 weeks, I will really be taking on the role of Marketing Manager. They currently do not have a marketing manager and my first task was to write an entire marketing plan for the business.

Those are the two big updates. I will be working on this site again and start posting new content now that the honeymoon is over and things are getting back to normal. I have a few guest posts that have been sitting in my inbox and I will work to get them up. I will also get back to writing new content and interesting articles about China and Asia. If you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to leave a comment or if you want to write something for the site let me know.

Dat is het voor nu! Ik hoop snel nieuwe en interessante inhoud te kunnen toevoegen en als je op de hoogte wilt blijven, voeg dan je e-mail toe.


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    Augustus 20, 2016 op 1: 54 pm


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      Voorzitter Migo
      Augustus 20, 2016 op 11: 15 pm

      Dank je! Hoe ben je de laatste tijd geweest?

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    CHILI Publish (@CHILI_publish)
    Oktober 14, 2016 op 1: 53 am

    Hallo Miguel,
    Ben je volgende week in Shanghai in 'All In Print China'?
    Het zou geweldig zijn als je een beetje tijd vrijmaakt om te praten over hoe je de Chinese markt kunt betreden / goede lokale marketingpartners kunt vinden.
    Ik hoop snel elkaar te ontmoeten!

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