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Top 10 Advertising Agencies in Seoul

Top Advertising agencies in Seoul

In the past we took a look at some of the top advertising agencies in Singapore, now we will talk about advertising agencies in Seoul. All the major advertising agencies have offices in Seoul; so this list will take a look at some of the lesser known agencies and what is currently available if you are looking to avoid the 4A agencies, with that said, there are one or two 4As on the list.

Most of the descriptions are taking from LinkedIn profiles or from the agency’s website.

Top 10 advertising agencies in Seoul, Korea


The first agency on the top 10 advertising agencies in Seoul is MetaBranding. They are a creative brand consultancy located in Seoul, Korea. They provide holistic brand solutions ranging from Strategic insight, Verbal innovation and Creative passion. They love to work with emerging businesses to help them transform brands and experiences to flourish in a rapidly changing market climate. They connect brands with people.

They dive deep to discover inspiring stories that are easy, simple and enjoyable. They are proactive in communicating the brand experience with inspiring customer journey. They plan a journey to embrace diverse inspirations to invite the audience to be dramatically inspired and deeply engage them into an unforgettable experience.

Maggipinto Agency

They are curious and dynamic, and for over 15 years they have created strategic and creative solutions in the fields of integrated Communication, showing that the power of ideas leads to successful businesses. They are organized into a network of intelligence and expertise, and help companies to grow: being it a multi-national or local business, their goal is to meet the expectations of each client. Their approach is to deliver on the objectives of developing tailored strategies, economically calibrated and in line with the ongoing global transformations.

Social Market Creator (SMC)

SocialMC has a vision to creatively connect the world’s brands with people and provide innovative solutions that are beneficial to both. Founded in 2009, SocialMC is an award-winning and fast-growing social marketing company that provides all-in-one social marketing solution for brands, empowering them with relationships with their customers and offer social outlets to strategically target and acquires new customers. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, they are expanding and maturing to cater the global market. Powerful brands such as Hyundai, Samsung, Adidas, Amore Pacific, Northface, Government Agencies as well as many other respected brands use SocialMC’s social marketing solutions to build and engage with audiences on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs.

DDB Group Korea

As a marketing agency, they major in marketing and advertising, data-mining, channel planning, direct response, design and identity, promotion and content development. DDB Group Korea is part of DDB Worldwide, one of the largest communication networks in the world, with more than 200 offices across 90 countries. If you know anything about advertising, than you have probably already heard of DDB. This is their advertising agency in Seoul.


Apps are becoming more popular with brands and consumers. Gameberry Inc. is the no.1 global app marketing agency that has made over 100 apps successful in Korea, the United States, China, and Japan. Services such as Marketing Strategy planning, CPI, CPA, CPC Advertising, Viral Marketing, Press Releases, and other Customer Services are offered. If you are looking to cut through the noise, consider using an app and consider using Gameberry.


INNOCEAN Worldwide, established in 2005, is a global marketing/advertising network with operation in Brazil and other 14 operations in major markets around the world, with head offices in Seoul, Korea. They provide complete marketing and advertising solutions to some of the largest and well-established brands in the world.


BEING is a network of Brand Behavior experts. Founded in Paris in 2010, BEING leverages the power of multidisciplinary thinking, assembling brand consultants, designers, advertisers, shopper marketers & web experts, all working together, to give brands their way of being. BEING has offices in Paris, Lille, Lyon, New York, Los Angeles, Doha, Shanghai and Seoul.

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Established in 2011, Stone is a leading brand communications agency based in Seoul, South Korea. Lead by CEO Simon Park, Stone boasts successful projects with Korea’s leading brands. Stone is an idea company. Ideas with proper weight and precise angles for communication.

NYK Media Group

Their work translates both language and culture between Korea and the West, ensuring clients a smooth process with powerful results. The service is always the same: tell our client’s stories in true and engaging ways.

The final product could be anything from a fifteen-second YouTube commercial to a full-scale ad campaign. They help clients find the right format for their message then manage the production process from beginning to end.


The final agency on the top 10 advertising agencies in Seoul is Keystone. Keystone Marketing Company helps brands get empowered to achieve impactful results in the digital environment. Headquartered in South Korea, they currently own branches in Indonesia and Singapore. They are a creative agency but their website does not seem to work very well. After to intro, the site seems to stop working. You can download their company credentials from their website to see their work. From the pdf, they seem to be doing good work with well-known brands.

Final on advertising agencies in Seoul, Korea

There are many advertising agencies in Seoul and this is just a small list. I have previously wrote about advertising agencies in Chinaadvertising agencies in Beijing and Social Media Marketing Companies in China. I hope it is a good start for your search and if you have any questions about advertising agencies in Seoul feel free to leave a comment or email me. Also, if you know of other agencies leave a comment and let us know why you mentioned them.

Note: I have not hired any of these advertising agencies in Seoul and I do not have firsthand experience with their work.

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