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Weekend Reading

weekend reading

Weekend Reading

Hello everyone, I spend a lot of time reading and researching about Chinese business and I thought I will share the best stuff I find. I will try to post this on Friday so you have some weekend reading material. I

spend about 1-2 hours a day looking up stuff about Chinese business and I read a lot of different articles, but not everyone has that much time to spend looking for relevant information.

I hope by posting these blog posts it will help you better understand China and save you time. I have read through all the bad blog posts, so you don’t have too. I hope you enjoy your weekend reading. In the future I might post on a practical topic. Example: Travel/Tourism, Fashion, Green Tech Markets, etc.

Second Weekend Reading

This is the second weekend reading post. This weekend we will first take a look at selling in China and the new Chinese consumer. After learning more about selling, we will look at an ambitious (and scary) plan for the future of the Chinese people.

Marketing to the New Chinese Consumer

This article is from Forbes Insights and it is about the changing consumers in china. Here is what you can expect to learn from this report:

To see how major brands are approaching the emerging Chinese consumer, Forbes Insights, in association with the World Federation of Advertisers, surveyed more than 300 China-based senior executives at large consumer focused businesses ($250M plus in annual revenues) responsible for creating, managing, or executing their companies’ marketing strategies in China. The key findings include:

  1. Consumer awareness in China is king.
  2. Marketers will shift from awareness to growth.
  3. Global brands must align with local Chinese culture and tastes.
  4. Many Chinese brands also are looking to extend their presence beyond their borders.
  5. Second-tier cities present the greatest opportunity.
  6. As marketers focus on brand development among Chinese consumers, television advertising will play a large part.
  7. Digital and mobile marketing are a critical part of the mix for reaching Chinese consumers.
  8. To succeed in China, marketers may need to overcome some unique barriers.
  9. Ethical standards for marketing communications need to be put in place.”

Selling In China

The second weekend business reading comes from The Boston Consulting Group and Wharton University. This report is all about selling in China (just like the title says). This report is broken up into four parts:

  1. One Billion, Three Hundred Million: The New Chinese Consumer
  2. Navigating the Labyrinth: Sales and Distribution in Today’s China
  3. ‘A Crucible of Competition’: The Emerging Chinese Company
  4. Selling to the Local Chinese Market: An Interview with Lenovo’s Deepak Advani and BCG’s Hal Sirkin

China’s Ambitious Plan to Move 500 Million Settlers to Africa

This last article is a little different and less about business and more about economics and the future. According to this article (and they link to more reputable sources like Forbes and Asia Times) the Chinese government has been building Africa’s infrastructure not for the Africans but for the 300-500 million Chinese that will be forced to move there in the near future because the Chinese government has destroyed the mainland.

The greatest problem that will face China in the future will be dealing with the pollution. The decisions made by the Chinese government have polluted the land, air and water causing the mainland to be almost inhabitable. I found this to be an interesting read.

China pollution

Photo Source:

Final Thoughts

I hope that I can keep up on these posts and that you find them useful. I am always looking for good articles and blogs; so if you know of a blog or article that I might like leave a comment and I will be sure to check it out! Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend reading!

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