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以前,我谈过 公关机构在德里, but I have not talked about PR agencies in Mumbai. Public Relations are often forgotten about because it is more subtle than advertising or other forms of marketing. But, the truth is every brand or company needs a strong PR team especially during a major crisis. PR agencies are experts in dealing with the media and shaping public opinion about a company.

This is the reason I decided to put together this list of PR agencies in Mumbai. This list is designed to help you find a PR agency in Mumbai (hopefully before you have a crisis). These PR agencies in Mumbai are not ranked in any order and 这个名单不应该被看到有一个正式的排名. It is only a starting point for anyone looking to hire a PR agency in Mumbai. If you know of any PR agencies in Mumbai that should be on this list leave a comment and let us know.



PR Pundit is a full service dedicated public relations company with a value proposition of creativity, efficiency and innovation, embedded in their approach to PR. They offer an unwavering dedication to the success and profitability of every public relations campaign.

With offices in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, they work with world class recognizable brands across practice areas to create enduring relationships. Consulting with knowledge and enthusiasm they strive to earn respect and recognition for their clients that goes beyond bylines. They have fostered a culture of creativity, meritocracy, and respect that inspires employees and clients alike.

Sterling Media

Sterling Media是一家屡获殊荣的国际战略传播咨询公司,代理企业,消费品牌,慈善机构,国家,名人,政府,全球领导者和私人客户。

Through delivering an effective communication strategy to address business and communication challenges, they help bring a brand’s purpose closer to stakeholders in more meaningful ways. As a result, they help their clients empower consumers, shape perceptions, educate, change behaviour and inspire positive action. Sterling Media is located in London, Mumbai, Delhi, and Dubai.

20:20 MSL

20:20 MSL是印度最大的多学科通讯公司之一,也是专业通讯服务领域的领导者,包括企业声誉管理,战略媒体关系,分析师关系,社交媒体,危机与问题管理,事件与激活服务以及MSLGROUP印度,该国最大的公关和社交媒体网络。

该公司也是印度技术交流领域公认的领导者。 通过其在孟买,德里,班加罗尔,钦奈,加尔各答,海得拉巴和浦那的办事处超过150员工的强大网络,以及MSLGROUP和Publicis Groupe国际网络的覆盖面,20:20 MSL合作伙伴的合作伙伴超过100领先印度品牌和跨国公司提供世界级的通信。


Six Degrees是一家公共关系公司,为各行各业的组织和个人提供沟通解决方案。 Six Degrees成立于全球顶级20公关公司前董事总经理兼前总裁,总部位于新德里,并在 孟买 和班加罗尔。 全国其他主要市场都受到一系列纵深的支持。

Their service offerings not only include the entire breadth of media relations services, but also specialized communication solutions in the areas of ‘Green’, ‘Digital Media’, ‘Crisis’ & ‘Corporate Governance’. Their specialized solutions offering is based on an open service model that enables clients to have access to best of breed experts.



Candour Communications is fusion of traditional and new-age PR agency in Mumbai, with presence and network across all the major cities in India. They have offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Chennai. They do not claim to be the best, but they strive to do their best in everything they do.


Perspective is a full-service communications agency situated in the heart of Mumbai and Amsterdam. They create engaging brands, vibrant identities, outstanding websites and visionary concepts. Their philosophy is that great things happen when you work with great people. Work isn’t linear, and good ideas can come from anywhere — they’re there to ask good questions, roll up their sleeves and do what they do best: turn their ideas into your success!


Pepper Interactive Communications, a communications and Public Relations consultancy, offers a blend of strategies to ensure maximum visibility and success in reaching its target audience, while working with other verticals such as advertising, marketing, sales promotion and personal selling. They are primarily based out of Bangalore, India with a branch in Mumbai. The agency also has an extensive network of associates in major Indian metros like Delhi and Chennai as well as other tier 2 cities.


Think Ink Communications is a young and dynamic PR firm with media, entertainment and lifestyle as its domain expertise. Their approach is to present thoughts that are fresh & unique, that build credibility, acquire trust and retain market position of it’s clientele.

In a short span of less than four years, they have partnered with over 40 brands. The company’s key clientele includes ALT Balaji, Saavn, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Star India’s Hindi Movie Cluster (Star Gold, Star GoldHD, Movies OK),Ronnie Screwvala (founder of the erstwhile UTV Group), Neerja Birla, Terence Lewis, Culture Machine (South East Asia’s leading digital content company), One Digital Entertainment, Indus Vox Media, Spectra VR amongst a host of others.


Peepul Consulting is a boutique agency specialized in lifestyle and fashion providing PR, marketing, branding, events services. Peepul Consulting also handles buyer relations for all its design brands. With an office in New York and Mumbai, they are a link in the US-India corridor. With over 15 years of experience in the PR and marketing industry, they are a multi-cultural agency with a strong trend radar and a select collective of clients.



Carmine Communications is a well respected & rapidly growing Public Relations & Outreach Programs Consultancy firm. Fully equipped with Public Relations, Advertising, Events and a Multimedia wing, Carmine Communications is among the very few communications consultancy firms to offer a complete 360° integrated communications solution to clients. Their USP lies in developing clear, creative and effective communications solutions.

Carmine Communications总部位于孟买,拥有遍布全国的员工网络,有助于从地铁到小城镇的覆盖范围,并确保从城市中心到基层的连接。


In recent years they have won numerous industry awards and been shortlisted for several more for their innovative digital and social media programs to support healthcare campaigns. They helped to change opinion, deliver game-changing outcomes for their clients in both internal and external communications, and impact lives in both the UK and the developing world.

Internationally they are a leading independent communications agency with more than 65 years experience. Their owned offices span New York, San Francisco, London, Beijing, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Shanghai, Singapore and Guangzhou and the agency employs over 400 of the leading comms and marketing professionals in the world.


Creativizt Communications是印度领先的公关机构之一。 Creativizt在印度顶级公关公司中享有令人羡慕的声誉,被认为是德里最好的公关公司。 Creativizt总部位于新德里,在孟买,班加罗尔和昌迪加尔设有分支机构,并且在70关键地区的联营公司,正如印度最好的公关公司所期待的那样。


There are many PR agencies in Mumbai and this list is designed to introduce you to 12 agencies. If you have worked with any PR agencies in Mumbai or know of a PR agency in Mumbai that should be on this list feel free to leave a comment below and I will be happy to check the agency out. Mumbai is a major area in India and many of these agencies have national reach, which makes hiring one of these PR agencies in Mumbai a good choice.


Note: I have not hired any of these PR agencies in Mumbai and I do not have firsthand experience with their work. Also, most of the descriptions are taking from LinkedIn profiles or from the agency’s website.



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