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2015 Singles Day (11.11 day) Highlights & Infographic

2015 singles day

Over the last few years, I have stopped writing about the singles day shopping festival. I have stopped writing because so many other blogs and news sites have been covering it and with much better insights and data. I understand the importance of the event and how e-commerce in China is rapidly evolving past anything we have seen before and how important that is for brands, but I have little insights to add. So, I will post some of the better English infographics I have seen on the 2015 Singles Day.

To start, I wanted to show this image below. This is a comparison between the $14.3 billion US dollars Alibaba made in one day and other company’s yearly revenue/IPO’s. In one day Alibaba made more money than Facebook made in one year.

2015 singles day

If you are not impressed with the above graph take a look at the timeline below. In just one minute and 12 seconds, the company sold over 1 billion RMB (around $160 million USD) worth of goods.

2015 singles day

One thing we must not forget is Singles Day has become a shopping festival and all major e-commerce sites offer discounts and deals. It is easy to look at Alibaba and talk about Singles Day, but there are other sites like JD and specialty stores. Below is an infographic talking about the best selling items network wide and the total sales for all networks, which amounted to $19.3 Billion USD. This infographic was produced by Syntun.

2015 singles day

2015 Singles Day Thoughts

Like I said at the beginning, I am not interested in discussing in-depth e-commerce in China because others reporters have covered it to death. There are a lot of good articles out there and I have read a lot of them, but I have little to add and it might just be noise. So, I thought I would share the interesting infographics I came across about the 2015 Singles Day results and highlights.

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