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7 Essential Reasons You need to Enter The China Tourism Industry Now

China Tourism Industry

China Tourism Industry Overview

Are you ready? Because they are coming and there is no stopping them (in fact they are already here); by 2015, 100 million Chinese will travel abroad, according to a report from the UN World Tourism Organization. Hotels, restaurants, luxury stores and theme parks are frantically trying to understand and cater to this new international traveler.

They have money and they think that is all it takes to get what they want, sadly they might be right. According to CNN, “In 2012, Chinese overtook Americans and Germans as the world’s top international tourism spenders, with 83 million people spending a record US$102 billion on international tourism.”

China Tourism Industry

The Chinese people are proud, stubborn, arrogant (I’m rich, so I’m important), and not accustomed to western standards. This often leads to the Chinese feeling like second-class travelers. The CNN report describes a traveler complaining because he had to wait five minutes before he received his room key.

The bottom line is they are traveling and they behave and think very differently from western travelers. So, below are the 7 essential reasons you need to enter the China tourism industry now.

7 Reasons to Enter The China Tourism Industry Now

  1. Chinese travelers spent a record US$102 billion on international tourism in 2012, a 40 percent rise from US$73 billion in 2011.
  2. The UNWTO says the volume of international trips by Chinese travelers grew from 10 million in 2000 to 83 million in 2012, making it the world’s fastest-growing market.
  3. According to Dr. Yong Chen of Hong Kong Polytechnic University who specializes in Chinese outbound tourism, unlike other global travelers, Chinese tourists focus mainly on shopping.
  4. The “New Chinese Travelers” are being seen engaging in more experience-based activities — anything from scuba diving in Hawaii to safaris in Africa, shopping still remains the top motivation for overseas travel.
  5. Brand Management: The Chinese are actively talking about their travels on social media and in order to maintain your brand image you must enter the market now or your brand could be labeled “Unfriendly to Chinese.” Causing you to lose future business.
  6. The opposite of point five. If you enter now and cater to the Chinese your Brand could become “friendly,” if the proper strategy is implemented. Causing you to gain future business.
  7. The main reasons to enter the China tourism industry is money, money, money! Focusing on the Chinese tourist, maintaining your brand, and understanding the needs of Chinese tourist will allow your company to make money.

Still not convinced?

Here is a great SlideShare explaining how to attract Chinese tourist:

Question about China Tourism Industry

Do you think the Chinese traveler is important to your business? and What steps are you taking to better understand and cater to their needs?

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