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Chairman Media 2015 Website Stats and Ranking

2015 Website stats

Welcome to 2016! This is the first post for 2016 and, like always, we wanted to look back at 2015. Last year Chairman Media had its best year yet. We will look at both the Google and WordPress stats for 2015 and talk about some of the trends for CM last year.

Last year, we had a few goals for 2015 and we were able to accomplish most of the goals, but not all of them. One goal was to have 70,000 page views and we beat that by a long shot! Another goals was to post 75 new articles, but we didn’t hit that goal. We only posted 67 new articles this year, bringing the total to 181 articles published on CM. We also wanted 12-15 guest posts, but only made 11 guest posts. The other goals of more Facebook, Twitter, and email subscribers and traffic were all accomplished.

Google 2015 Website Stats

Below are the Google stats. As you can see, CM received 390,042 pageviews and 140,524 unique pageviews. One of our goals last year was to decrease the Bounce Rate, last year it was about 55%,  this year we have decreased it to about 22%. This is important for SEO and just in general it means the site is more user friendly. You can also see we made a little bit of money off of ads (about enough for hosting costs).

2015 Website stats

When we look at actual users, we see CM received 121,507 visits and 97,582 new users. The average page/sessions per user was 3.21 pages and the average session lasted 1:15 minutes. We will work on getting a longer average session next year. Overall, about 20% of users were returning users and we will work to get this up also. We would like to get that number closer to 40%.

2015 Website stats

Inbound Traffic – Google

Google tracks inbound traffic different than WordPress, so, these numbers are a little different. Most of the traffic came from Organic Search and a few views from Social and Direct visits. We will work more on Referral, Social, and Direct.

2015 Website stats2015 Website stats

Over the year visitors came from over 100 countries with the top 10 shown below. Also, 71% of traffic came from Asia, which makes sense because we write about marketing in Asia. Along with traffic from Asia, 13% came from Americas and 11% from Europe.

2015 Website stats

2015 Website stats

Demographics – Google

Something that is interesting is 54% of viewers tracked are female and 78% of views are between the age of 18-34.

2015 Website stats

Top Posts for 2015 – Google

The top articles were all lists. The SEO for the list posts is strong and tends to bring in a lot of traffic over time.

2015 Website stats

WordPress 2015 Website Stats

WordPress stats show that CM received 175,500 views with a monthly average of 481 views per day. The best month was December with 19,331 views and a daily average of 631. In 2015, CM received 3.5 times more views than last year and CM continues to grow. In March, an article went viral and the best day received 2,345 views. This allowed March to be the second most popular month.

2015 Website stats

Inbound Traffic – WP

Most of the traffic to CM came from search engines. List articles have been very popular on CM and they still drive most of the traffic to CM. According to WordPress, Google is still the main driver of traffic sending more than 100k to the site. Other search engines included Yahoo and Bing.

2015 Website stats

Along with search engines, CM received traffic from social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Facebook drove the most traffic with over 7,000 views. We used a new technique to drive traffic from Facebook this year, which accounts for the increased views. We started to share our agency lists with the agencies on the list through Facebook, this allowed for more views and “likes” on each list article.

Twitter drove a little over 700 views or about 2 views a day, which is not enough. Twitter continues to be a waste of time and energy for CM. Last year we focused less on social sharing and more on content creation. In 2016, we will focus more on referrer traffic. A few other sites drove traffic to CM, but the referrer traffic is still too low.

2015 Website stats

Outbound Traffic – WP

CM still sends a lot of traffic to agencies that are listed on our ‘Top Agency lists’. Below are the agencies that received at least 500 outbound clicks. As you can see, we sent over 75,000 clicks to agencies on our lists driving thousands of dollars in new business. We continue to send traffic for free (because agencies have not been paying for it) and we often add agencies to the list we have talked with or who have contacted us.

2015 Website stats

Top Posts for 2015 – WP

The top posts continue to be our agency lists with over 35,000 views to the agencies in the Philippines list. Other articles that did well were our guest posts about WeChat and WeChat articles in general. Also, SEO in China was a topic that received a lot of views. The article highlighted below was the viral post that received 90% of its traffic in about 5-6 days, but has not received much traffic since. I think SEO articles are more valuable than viral posts because they consistently bring valuable traffic to a website and not people clicking out of interest and leaving never to return.

2015 Website stats

Alexa Ranking

The CM Alexa ranking jumped around all year, which makes sense because the traffic changes from month to month. We did manage to make it under 300,000 this last month. It might not hold for long, but by the end of next year we hope to jump to under 200,000. This rank is not very accurate, but it does give a general idea for how well a website is performing.

2015 Website stats Alexa ranking

Final Thoughts on Chairman Media’s 2015 Website Stats

Overall, we had a great year in 2015. We changed the layout at the end of the year and started to focus more on services. We will be posting our goals later this week and we are looking forward to another great year. We want to say thank you for all the guest posts and thank you for making 2015 a great year. Stay tuned for more great Asia content!

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