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The Chairman Migo Media Giveaway

CM media giveaway

Today, we will take a small break from China & Asia marketing and focus on Chairman Media (CM) and the Chairman Media giveaway. As you know, CM stated over a year ago and it has slowly been growing. We have had a few guest posts and we reached our busiest month last July, around 5,000 page views.

One of the areas that we have been struggling with is Subscribers, so for the month of August, we are offering the Chairman Migo Media giveaway. Below you will see the possible items up for grabs and find out more about how to participate in this fun media giveaway. There will be three levels available and the only way to unlock all the prizes is by sharing this post with anyone who is interested in Marketing in China. (Already a subscriber? Read below)

Level One – 100 Subscribers

The first prize requires 100 new subscribers. If you are reading this post, Subscribe, you can subscribe by entering your email on the sidebar or by clicking below. 100 new subscribers should not be hard to find, think about your network, coworkers, and friends. Chances are, if you are interested in marketing in China & Asia, than someone in your network is also interested in these topics. So share this post with your network and help us reach 100 new subscribers!

If we reach this first level goal, CM will be giving away Scott Kronick’s book “The Lighter Side of China.” (AL) Scott is a 19-year China veteran businessman and President and CEO of Ogilvy Public Relations, Asia Pacific and his book is about funny stories and life encounters while living in China. You can see a video of him reading a story from his book here.

Level Two – 175 Subscribers

100 new subscribers should be easy enough, but getting another 75 will be a little harder. So, we will reward you for your effort by offering a second prize. Think about your network, LinkedIn, Skype, Facebook, Email, Twitter, and more; who do you know that might be interested it content about China?

If we reach this second level goal, CM will be giving away a Chinglish T-shirt. One of the things we like to do at Chairman Migo Media is collect Chinglish T-shirts. We even thought of making a business out of it at one time, but that never got off the ground. Now, we are willing to pass on the humor to you, our awesome subscribers. This will make a great gift or at great conversation starter at a party. The shirt is a Large (Adult males), but I think it is more like a Medium.


Level Three – 225 Subscribers

You have shared this post in all your LinkedIn groups, emailed all your coworkers (even the ones you don’t like..), and you have tweeted this 5 times. Your network is exhausted and tired of hearing about the Chairman Migo Media giveaway. This is great and to reward you for all your excellent help, this last level will only need an additional 50 subscribers.

If we reach this third level goal, CM will be giving away another book. It is a little bit older, but it is still considered a must read by many China hands. The book is “One Billion Customers: Lessons from the Front Lines of Doing Business in China” (AL) by James McGregor. If you clicked on the link to the video for the first book, you will notice that James was also at the book release for Scott’s book. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to meet him that night.

Enter to Win

How do you actually win these three awesome prizes? All you have to do is subscribe and leave a comment below. The comment should briefly explain why you are interested in learning more about marketing in China & Asia. It will definitely help if you share this with your social media networks, but it is not required. Remember that the only way you can win is if we meet our new subscriber goals, so sharing will help increase the chances of reaching those goals.

Already a Subscriber

If you are already a subscriber than thank you very much! We are very happy to have you on our friends list and we also would like to give you the opportunity to win these great prizes. So, all you have to do is comment below asking to be a part of the media giveaway and briefly explain why you are a subscriber. Also, if you would like to share it with your social networks, we would really appreciate it, but again it is not required. Thanks for being awesome and already subscribing!

Media Giveaway – Procedures

After one month, we will announce the winners. If we meet all of the above goals, than there will be three winners. The winners will be chosen by a random number generator ( and each participant’s number will be given in relation to their comment. One comment and one subscriber. Example: the first comment is [email protected], so bob’s number is 1. Since this is a random number generator, every subscriber has the same chance of willing and the first comment by each unique email is counted has their number.

So, multiple comments will not equal multiple entries. That doesn’t mean you can not comment more than once, just that each participant is only counted once. If you have any questions or you are confused just ask and we will try to explain it better. Thanks for reading, subscribing, and sharing! and Good luck! [subscribe2]

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