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Chairman Media Goals for 2016: More Clients

Chairman Media Goals for 2016: More Clients

Every year I like to set goals for Chairman Media, because it gives me purpose for the site. Without goals, it would be a little pointless and the site would not grow. Last year I set some high goals, and although I didn’t reach all the goals, I did very well with CM. This year I would like to make new goals for 2016.

Last year I wanted to receive 70,000 pageviews, write 75 articles (including 12-15 guest posts), to increase social media followers, and to decrease the Bounce Rate. I was able to reach most of these goals and this year I want to take it farther.

Goals for 2016:

  • 250,000 Unique Pageviews (72% increase)
  • 175,000 Users (80% increase)
  • 240,000 Sessions (98% increase)
  • 99 New Articles (Total articles = 280)
  • 12-15 Guest Posts
  • Increase Time on Site: +2 minutes (1 minute increase)
  • Increase Direct Traffic: Over 30,000 views
  • Increase Social Traffic: Over 15,000 views
  • Increase Referral Traffic: Over 10,000 views
  • Alex Rank: Under 200,000
  • New Clients: 5-10

If you look at last years stats, you will see that most of the goals are to double last year’s results. As you can see, I am looking to just about double all of the stats for next year. Is it possible? I am not sure, but I do know that goals will help me stay focused and move forward. The hardest goal will be to write 99 new articles. I have been averaging about 60 articles per year, which is about 1 article a week. I am also writing for a client and I will be looking for new clients throughout 2016.

If I am able to find new clients, I do not think I will be able to write 99 articles. I like the idea of having 280 articles on the site and if I want to reach the above goals I will need more content, which is why I have aimed so high.

Chairman Media Goals for 2016: More Clients

Goals for 2016: New Clients

Over the last 6 months, I have been looking for new ways to market myself and CM. I have been unable to implement affiliate marketing on CM, because I rarely talk about products or services and I have been unable to make substantial money off of advertising. I have also been unable to find a marketing job working for a advertising or marketing agency, which is why I am starting to change the focus of CM.

I have a lot to offer in terms of content creation and social media management, but traditional agencies have not been willing to hire me because starting experience levels are too high (managers with +5 years experience) or too low (internships). So, I have decided to offer my services directly through CM.

I currently have one client and I am hoping to add more to my list. Clients come and go, so it is important to have multiple clients to maintain a healthy business. I am looking to take on about 5-10 clients, because I will be working mostly alone, I do not want more than this number. I can provide quality services for this number of clients and do not wish to strain myself and sacrifice quality.

Will I be able to attract 5-10 clients? I don’t know if I will be able to find 5-10 clients, but I will be on the lookout throughout 2016. I often get emails from people looking for help, but they are often looking for help in areas I am not familiar with and I have to turn them down. I am really looking for clients that are interested in content and social media marketing. Overall, I hope I can find a few clients and help solve their problems.

Thanks for reading my goals for 2016 and have a great year!

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