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China is not creative! Says who?

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China is not creative! Says who?

Often times, there is talk about the advertising industry in China lacking creative talent, but I feel this issue is often times overstated. One of my favorite sites is BeHance, because it provides a platform for creative artists and designers to showcase their work. This site often provides me with inspiration when I am working on a project or when I need to exercise my creative brain.

One of the great things about this site is it allows you to search by country and even city, which gets me back to my main point, China is not creative! I call BS on this statement. A quick search on BeHance and it is clear to see that there are many artists, advertisers, and designers creating amazing work in China.

You can easily spend a few hours scrolling through the work created by Chinese artists. Is all of it awarding winning? No. But all of it has potential to be award winning under the proper creative director. I feel as the industry continues to grow, agencies should focus less on what they do not have and focus more on the potential talent that is available.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend the 12th Edition of Portfolio Night by my friends at Ogilvy. What I saw on that night was a lot of young talent interested and engaged in design and advertising. Were all of the participants’ artwork client worthy? Absolutely not, but with the right direction and supervision, I feel many of the participants have what it takes to become award winning creatives.

Often times, desire and basic understanding can take someone a long way in an industry. I feel this is true in the advertising industry, being partnered with great talent and having a desire to learn is some times all a young creative needs to start a successful career.

China is not creative! Absolutely not and to prove it, below are some of my favorite Chinese artists from Behance:

Tony Cheung from Guangzhou, China provides an interesting look at the fathers of Communism:

China is not creative基本 CMYK

The next artist is LEK Chan from Shanghai, China. His work is Anime styled with themes of the future. I like the detail involved in the creatives and with the right guidance I’m sure he could create some great advertisement.

China is not Creative

The next creative is Chan Hwee Chong, a creative director from Grey Group. The brief was to create a print campaign that informs drivers of the benefit of using a Garmin GPS and to change their habit of using their “gut feeling” when looking for directions. China is a fast growing country, with new roads and buildings built almost every day, GPS, especially for cars, is becoming extremely important. By mixing the head and tail of vehicles, they illustrate the problem faced by drivers in China in a interesting and yet powerful way.

打印, creatives in China打印, creatives in China

There are many creatives in China and for anyone that thinks China is not creative, think again. Above are just a few examples of the creativity you can find in China, if you are still not convinced about the creativity here, than read this post titled “Creative Advertising from China,” were we take a look at a few other examples of creative work from China.

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