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Exploring the Connection of Color in Web Design with User Behavior

Connection of Color in Web Design

Connection of Color in Web Design

Colors have a historic connection with the human mind. Cavemen drawings that date back to 30,000 B.C are evidence, depicting hunts and rituals with reference of colors. Up to this day, colors have had a significant influence on our lives. They have been used in defining good and bad, stop and go, fortune and misfortune, and many such comparisons with just a brush of paint. They act as triggers that incite behavior in us and even lead us to actions that can change the world.

The red light on the button for instance, was the clear indication that the bomb is ready to be dropped at the end of the 2nd World War. Now in the 21st century, colors have taken more meaning than ever throughout their historical existence. Colors are being used for building connection with the consumer and convincing them into purchasing a product that might find their interest. In this article, we will discuss the impact of colors on the ecommerce industry and how it affects the user behavior through web design.

Science of Color and Conversions

Now with the help of technology, science has finally proven the long disputed connection of color and the human mind. When the user sees the color, a chain reaction starts in the hypothalamus of the human brain. Within a matter of few seconds, several hormones are released by the thyroid gland that triggers emotions followed by behavioral change. Research has revealed that 62% to 90% of purchasing decisions is based on colors.

How Colors Work in Web Design?

Similarly, color in web designs is also deeply connected with the objective to get the maximum attention of the viewer. All colors in a web design have certain task and without their coexistence they cannot achieve their tasks effectively. For instance, Red is understood as an emotional color that stimulates feelings of life, love and boldness. For its particular properties, it is amply used on clearance of sales.Connection of Color in Web Design

Blue brings an aura of tranquility and trust around it and that is why many banking websites use it as their background color. Orange is a color that brings an appetite of ambition and assurance within the viewer. Due to its charismatic appeal, Orange is strategically used on Call to Action buttons or CTAs for selling, buying or subscribing functions.

The psychology of color in web design has immense impact on their viewer. It has the potential to control the viewer’s perception, instigating them into action. The right disposal of colors can help build bridges between the customer and your products.

However, every customer is not charmed by the same color that the other customer has an effect on. A good web design company must incorporate unique designs and templates to target diversity of customers in ecommerce.

Customer Types and Color

Color prompts the behavior of customers depending on their types. A buyer looking for products on sale will be attracted with darker colors more in comparison to a buyer who has an ample budget for purchasing products. Here are 4 dominant types of color sensitive buyers who can be targeted with color preferences in the web design.

  • Impulsive Buyers – consider red-orange, royal blue or black. Such colors are used in combinations to produce clearance sales through CTAs. They focus on the emotional spontaneity of the buyer to extract a decision making feeling from them.
  • Budget Shoppers– introduce darker shades of blue such as navy-blue and teal. Many shopping marts and department stores use this color scheme to attract customers. A majority of banks also use these colors to target shoppers.
  • Traditional Buyers – add light tones of red, sky-blue and pink. Old school buyers are frequent brick and mortar store shoppers and are easily drawn by these colors if used in the web design
  • Hyper Emotion Buyers – use Yellow and Purple. These colors have the potential to invoke strong emotional energy and feelings of cheerfulness. They raise the peculiarity of the sighting and induce optimism and enlightenment in viewer.

Without recognizing the type of customer at the doorstep of your website, has little or no chance of securing conversions successfully.

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