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The Content Marketing Revolution [Infographic]

Content Marketing revolution infographic

The content marketing revolution is upon us and there is no stopping it now! Over the last 5 years, content marketing has become a new marketing force. After Social Media Marketing died down, many marketers started to look at content marketing for new growth opportunities.

The content marketing revolution is marketing speak. Companies and marketing departments are still providing a communication service. Marketers are still providing interesting industry and company information to potential clients. This is nothing new. Companies have produced brochures, trade magazines, radio shows, and TV shows since the beginning of each new technology. Or in other words, they have always produced content.

The only things that are new are the channels. In the past, information and communication took weeks or months to produce and distribute. Now, you can write anything you want in minutes and distribute it to millions. This is the reason content marketing is becoming more powerful. In the past, one magazine might reach 10-20 people in a month. Now, one online magazine can reach 10-20 million people in a month. This is powerful.

Another important driver in the content marketing revolution is cost reduction. In the past to reach 10-20 million people with a magazine, you would need to print 1-2 million copies costing you a small fortune. Now, you can host a website for under $200 a year and pay a few thousand in online advertising. This greatly reduces your costs, spurring on this content marketing revolution.

So, how big as this become? Below is an infographic explaining the current state of content marketing. This infograhic was produced by Tamba, which is a digital marketing agency in the UK. Below they have put together a lot of useful information about content marketing.

Content Marketing Revolution Infographic

Content Marketing Revolution infographic

The Content Marketing Revolution: New or Old?

The content marketing revolution is underway, but many have to ask “Is this the latest fad?” We all heard the cries and cheers of social media marketers claiming social media marketing was the ‘be all and end all’ of marketing and although it has disrupted some areas of marketing, it has mostly become just another function in the growing scope of marketing.

Is this new trend overlooking the core function of marketing and creating hype over nothing? Or are we really moving into something new? Let me know what you think about content marketing and how it fits into the marketing mix? Is it new or just the same function with new channels?

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