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5 Steps for Your Video Marketing Strategy in China

Video Marketing Strategy in China

Making a content video for your company might seem like a daunting task, but many firms who successfully produced one have a lot of great things to say about it. Studies show consumers are 46% more likely to seek information about a product, service or brand if they watched an online video regarding them. That number, especially in the competitive market of China, can make or break a company. The benefits of creating videos are obvious and here are five steps for your video marketing strategy in China:

Video Marketing Strategy in China

1. Study Your Audience

With the ever-changing dynamic of the online world, something ‘in’ today may be ‘out’ tomorrow, something that interests the audience today may not tomorrow. The key to successful content video is to know your audience. There are various ways to do that, including news outlets, surveys and social media listening on Wechat, Weibo and others. Check and see the new trends in China and what’s interesting to the audience. Only by grasping what holds and what would hold audience’s attention can a firm be successful in its content video.

2. Align Video with Brand Identity

A video could be all the audiences ever wants, but it does not fit well with the brand. It is crucial for the firm to ensure that the content video aligns with the brand identity. If the brand gives a green, environmental friendly vibe, the content video should also give out the same vibe. Do not only focus on creating a video that answers to audiences wants found in step number one, but neglect the importance of brand identity because a successful content video needs to be both intriguing to audiences and be consistent with its brand identity.

3. Pull Emotion Strings

The content video must make the audience feel. The audiences must feel (insert emotion) enough to remember the video, the brand and its message, perhaps even enough to share the video with their friends and family. The emotions could be anything as long as it is enough to make the video memorable.

4. Share on Your Wechat Public Platform

Unlike other countries, China has its own set of social media platforms. Wechat, China’s most popular messaging application, is a great platform for brands to engage with their customers. Wechat Public Platform is specially useful for firms to create a brand account, which then allows brand to interact with audiences. Sharing the content video on the Wechat Public Platform could lure in more followers as well as keep the existing followers interested.

5. Measure and Reflect on Results

Only by learning can brands produce better videos each time. After a video is released, brands should measure and reflect on the success or the lack thereof. Brands should measure public response, social media mentions and/or number of shares. A successful video could initiate a conversation involving a brand or the content of the video. After measuring and assessing the success of the video, brands could learn what makes the video successful or not, then use that knowledge with the next video.

Creating a successful online video is a learning process, but these 5 Steps for your video marketing strategy in China should help you get stated. It is very rare for firms to get it right on the first go, but just like anything, it has to start somewhere.


About the Author:

Federico SferrazzaFederico Sferrazza, Video Marketing Strategy in China is a young professional with a master’s degree in law. He has been living in China for three years and he has experience in copywriting and marketing online. Happy to share his knowledge about marketing strategy and new trends in the Chinese market.

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    David Thomas
    July 29, 2016 at 5:01 am

    If i neglect We Chat! how is it gonna effect? i know that we chat is best messenger app in China but still i want dedicate my time to other platform rather then we chat

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    September 18, 2017 at 7:38 am

    Very informative article. Certainly, video marketing is becoming the gear to driving sales. Most likely, people will spend time to watch a video other than reading articles. Particularly, if the video is entertaining, it will attract more viewers and in turn help the business to drive more sales.

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