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30 Awesome Digital Marketing Stats You Can’t Miss [infographic]

30 digital marketing stats infographic

The average return on email marketing investment is $44.25 for every dollar spent! Here are 30 awesome digital marketing stats from Optimind Technology Solutions. I am always looking for great infographics and great stats about marketing. Today, I wanted to share this infographic because some of these stats are really amazing. I often hear marketers discount email marketing, but the truth remains it is one of the best ROI.

Blogs are still important for businesses looking to engage with their audience and blogs are 63% more likely to influence purchase decisions than magazines. This is a big one for any marketer still spending money on magazine ads. My company spends thousands of dollars a month on magazine advertising, but studies show it is less effective than other forms of marketing…. and this drives me crazy. Writing a blog or paying for advertorials are still cheaper than most magazine advertisements.

Videos are the next wave for marketers. We saw this start a few years ago and really pick up in 2014-15, but now it is here and mainstream. If you are not using videos on your landing pages or posts, you are missing out on conversions and backlinks. According to the infographic, landing pages with videos increase conversions by 86% and posts with video receive 267% more links. Check out the digital marketing stats infographic for more useful marketing tips.

30 Awesome Digital Marketing Stats You Can’t Miss

30 digital marketing stats infographic

These are some awesome general digital marketing stats, if you are looking for more specific content about Asia, check out these infographics and articles:

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    Top 20 list of Advertising Agencies in Kuwait
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    […] 30 Awesome Digital Marketing Stats You Can’t Miss [infographic] […]

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    Thank you Chairman Migo for sharing our infographic here, our pleasure. 🙂

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    Best marketing companies in kuwait
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    It’s awesome marketing strategy easy to understand. I appreciate your nice and hard work. <3

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