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Top Advertising Agencies in Kazakhstan

List of top Advertising Agencies in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has a diverse population estimated around 17.6 million. This large population and relatively high per capita GDP of US $24,143 makes Kazakhstan an attractive market for brands looking to enter Central Asia. This list of advertising agencies in Kazakhstan is designed to give you a starting point to find a local partner to help with your marketing efforts. According to Wiki, “Kazakhstan’s economy grew at an average of 8% per year over the past decade on the back of hydrocarbon exports. Despite the lingering uncertainty of the global economy, Kazakhstan’s economy has been stable.”

Despite the commodity down turn between 2014-2016, Kazakhstan has been able to maintain economic stability and marketers should take a long-term approach to Kazakhstan. With that said, this list of advertising agencies in Kazakhstan is a perfect starting point for any brand manager looking to explore Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Most of the advertising agencies in Kazakhstan are located in the capital Astana, but despite their location, most advertising agencies in Kazakhstan can carryout national campaigns.

This list will grow has more advertising agencies in Kazakhstan add their company to the list. If you know of any advertising agencies in Kazakhstan that should be on the list than feel free to add the agency or let them know about the list to help them grow their business.

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Big Idea Group in Kazakhstan

Summary: In 1995, production studio Big Idea Group is created studio deals with video & audio production of any complexity. Studio gets contract for ORT Kazakhstan TV channel visualization works. Later, in 2000, a full service agency is created on basis of Big Idea Group. Now it includes BTL dept, design dept. and the agency gains exclusivity deal on produc1tion and ad allocation in weather forecasts on all central TV channels of Kazakhstan. The next year, Big Idea Group Agency becomes a partner of Omnicom Group and starts representing BBDO/OMD in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Belarus, Moldova and Caucasus. Today, the Agency provides complete advertising [...]

Asap Advertising Agency in Kazakhstan

Summary: We are a full service advertising agency based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We involve clients in a variety of tools-from outdoor advertising your establishment to strategies for promoting your services. We found the best specialists worldwide and combined them into one highly qualified staff of professionals. So we make advertisements not only in Kazakhstan but also in Spain, Italy and England. Due to the remote work our advertising is cheaper.
Толе би 55 уг ул Фурманова, офис 207 Алматы, 050000 Kazakhstan

Openeyes DDB Kazakhstan

Summary: On 1 September 2005 independant advertising agency Openeyes was founded and the objectives were clear: to create a unique advertising agency, highlighting the list of strongest advertising agencies in the country. To achieve our target we formed the team of best professionals - talented people who have been working in this sphere for more than 10 years, who adore their work and have tremendous experience of working with different clients. In short time, we bore the fruit of our efforts. In 2007 Openeyes joined the worldwide network of DDB. Today our agency is one of the most productive and [...]
198 Zhamakaev st. Almaty, 050059 Kazakhstan
Phone: +7 (727) 299-11-22