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Top Advertising Agencies in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country located in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, Tajikistan to the south west and China to the east. Its capital Bishkek is the largest city with about 875,000 people. The total population of Kyrgyzstan is about 5.6 million people. This is a large market in Central Asia and this list of advertising agencies in Kyrgyzstan is designed to help you start your marketing efforts.

Most advertising agencies in Kyrgyzstan are based in Bishkek and, although, there are not a lot of advertising agencies in Kyrgyzstan, they are still able to handle national and international campaigns. Below is a list of advertising agencies in Kyrgyzstan and if you know of any agency that should be add to the list, please add them or inform the agency of this great opportunity. Remember this list is just a starting point and not a ranking of advertising agencies in Kyrgyzstan.


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M11 Marketing Agency in Kyrgyzstan

Summary: M11-marketing agency specializing in digital marketing Our services: development of selling web sites and lèndingov, search engine optimization (SEO), PPC and display advertising, targeted advertising on social networks, SMM, analytics of advertising campaigns and more. M11 are specialists from different parts of the world: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, which gathered in Bishkek.In the team are working side by side M11 content managers, web designers, programmers, copywriters, SMM and SEO specialists, web analyst, and others. Our specialists regularly improve their professional skills and confirm their knowledge with certificates and diplomas. The company currently has 2 certified Google AdWords specialist. Today, the Agency cooperates with customers from [...]

Mr. Marketing Kyrgyzstan

Summary: Mr. Marketing is designed for consultations in the field of business promotion and brand recognition. We aim to build effective and high-quality communications between companies and their customers. Mr. Marketing has experience delivering successful projects in the development of marketing strategies and concepts, realization of advertising campaigns, promotional projects, as well as organizing mass events. At Mr. Marketing, we solve marketing challenges. Solve them professionally and tastefully. Solve them throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic, through a network of partner organizations and Missions.Компания маркетинговых коммуникаций Mr.Marketing призвана для консультаций в области продвижения бизнеса и узнаваемости Бренда. Мы направлены на [...]

Salt (Sol’) Marketing and Advertisement in Kyrgyzstan

Summary: Salt (Sol') Marketing and Advertisement in Kyrgyzstan Salt Kyrgyzstan is a marketing and advertising agency in Kyrgyzstan. What we love to do: CREATIVE - Brand conception - Creative idea of an advertising campaign - Promotional materials scenario - Copywriting - Creative Layout - DESIGN - Logo development - Corporate - Identity - Packaging - Corporate gifts - Illustration - DIGITAL - Social Networking - Apps - Interactive online projects - VIDEO PRODUCTION - Documentary and staged TV shows - Television programs - Corporate promotion videos - AdvertisementSpecialties: Video Production, TV Production, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Advertisement, Media, Corporate Identity.