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Top Advertising Agencies in Tajikistan

List of top Advertising Agencies in Tajikistan

There are only a handful of advertising agencies in Tajikistan and most are based in the capital Dushanbe. This list of advertising agencies in Tajikistan is designed to give marketers a starting point for finding advertising agencies in Tajikistan. With an estimated 8.6 million people, Tajikistan is a growing market and trading ties to Russia, China, and other Central Asian countries. After the civil war following independence, Tajikistan has seen steady economic grow with the help of foreign aid.

According to Wiki, “Tajikistan’s economy grew substantially after the war. The GDP of Tajikistan expanded at an average rate of 9.6% over the period of 2000–2007 according to the World Bank data. This improved Tajikistan’s position among other Central Asian countries (namely Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan), which seem to have degraded economically ever since. The primary sources of income in Tajikistan are aluminum production, cotton growing and remittances from migrant workers. Cotton accounts for 60% of agricultural output, supporting 75% of the rural population, and using 45% of irrigated arable land. The aluminum industry is represented by the state-owned Tajik Aluminum Company – the biggest aluminum plant in Central Asia and one of the biggest in the world.”

There are only a few advertising agencies in Tajikistan and this list is just a starting point. If you know any advertising agencies in Tajikistan that should be on the list than please add them or let the agency know about this list to help them grow their business.

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INJO Advertising Agency in Tajikistan

Summary: INJO Advertising Agency in Tajikistan is an agency that provides advertising services to international and national brands throughout Tajikistan. They have worked with a number of large brands providing digital, print, and outdoor advertising solutions. If you are thinking of entering the Tajik market, INJO Advertising Agency can provide you with all of your advertising needs.
Tajikistan, 734,002 str., Dushanbe Mirzo Tursun-zade, 45, 5 floor, 520
Phone: +992 37 2-511-511

Total Advertising Group Tajikistan

Summary: Started as Sales Department of ASIA-PLUS media holding in August 2002. Feb 2005 – Total Advertising Group Tajikistan was founded as a "full service" agency. The number of employees were 13 persons. Building of strong relations with Mass Media sellers.Apr 2005 – research department was separated & renamed EuroMediaCom. (KTM) - agency specialized in media & marketing consulting and research.June 2005 – started its activity in Turkmenistan. In September 2005 KTM (ex. EuroMediaCom) started to collect ads data (monitoring) from main TV channels, print media & OOH.March 2006: Number of employees were 19. To increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns of [...]