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Leo Burnett Advertising Agency in Toronto

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175 Bloor Street East North Tower Ontario M4W 3R9, Canada

To succeed today, a brand has to do much more than offer a benefit. It needs to be driven by a human purpose.

That’s how we approach strategy. We call it HumanKind. And it’s driven exceptionally effective creativity for our clients across every communication channel. When a brand is guided by a big, compelling human purpose, it has the foundation for innovation and ongoing engagement that brands need today. That’s what our strategic group brings to our clients: the horsepower to unlock the brand’s human purpose and create a platform for growth. It’s driven great results for clients. And helped us win Golds in each of the effectiveness shows in North America: the CASSIEs, the EFFIEs and the ARF David Ogilvy Awards.

Leo Burnett Advertising Agency in Toronto believes in "One Team, One Dream." We’re organized to bring design, digital, social and experiential together.

Unlike some agencies that have different divisions to service digital, social and experiential, Leo Burnett is One Team, One Dream. In our agency, there are no walls between disciplines to get in the way of the best solution for our clients. Our clients brief us on the problem they need solved, and we come at the problem in a holistic way. It’s this approach that enables us to create truly innovative ideas that go beyond campaigns and defy norms of what an agency can do to move sales. It’s a way of working that’s delivered award-winning work, and exceptional ROI for our clients.

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Phone: +416 925 5997

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