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Origin8 advertising agency in Ghana

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No.158, North Labone Estates. P.O.Box CT 10693, Cantonment Accra, Ghana

We love challenge! We have tangoed with some of the biggest brands, and delight in taking on lesser known brands, and elevating them to the same status, through strategic execution of creative ideas, crafted to provoke innovative conversations, grow the brand and ultimately bring business to our clients!

Advertising as a form of marketing communication has usually taken the shine from the core (marketing) itself. It is a form of marketing communication that informs and sometimes persuades a targeted audience to take or continue some action with respect to an offering or ideology.

Origin8 advertising agency develops award-winning advertising ideas for:

Radio, tv, print, Web designing, online marketing, out-of homes (billboards), BTLs (posters, brochures, magazines, T-shirts, etc), Mobile Vans, Motrails, ETC.

Contact Information
Phone: +233 (0) 57 406 5912

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