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Sterling Outdoor Media in Zimbabwe

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6TH Floor, Batanai Gardens No. 57 Jason Moyo, Harare

(Sterling Outdoor Media) We are an Outdoor advertising Company that aims to provide all our clients with the channels/ tools to showcase their products and brands in the out of home zone. We assist you in building product awareness, brand visibility and in fortifying customer loyalty.

It has now become a necessity to communicate your brand message in the out of home zone as more and more consumers are spending more time outdoors than inside.

This is the time to create, promote and extend your brand identity by designing striking visual graphics that communicate your brand message using the most- effective advertising channels (Outdoor media).

Our aim is to add value to your business by providing branded items that will imprint your brand into the minds of your target market. Our products will aid your team to attract new customers, grow sales, create new product awareness, promote an event or introduce special pricing.

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