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Why You Should Empower Employees

Empower EmployeesThe Philippines

As most of you know, I have been in the Philippines for the last two weeks. I usually leave China each year during the Chinese New Year/Spring Festival. I have traveled in China during Spring Festival in the past and I have decided it is a once in a life time experience. Now, I usually travel through Asia during Spring Festival. So, this year I traveled to the Philippines and I will write a little about the “marketing ideas” I had while traveling. Also, I will be adding a few photos like the ones above in the articles related to the Philippines.

Empowering Employees

When we travel, one of the things Yvonne often does is offer hotels, restaurants, and attractions advertisement on her travel blog. Her site GoYvon is becoming more popular and has the site grows; she is finding new ways to monetize it. One of the most effective methods is sponsored articles. Most of the time she offers to write about the experience she has with the establishment at the point of sale or she will contact them before arriving. It has become clear to me during this last trip, why companies should empower employees.

Story of Kahuna Beach Resort 

Kahuna Beach Resort is located on the San Juan beach. San Juan is known for its great surf and surfer vibe. Kahuna is by far the nicest beach resort on the beach, but this story is not about their accommodations. This story is about how their management team does not empower employees to make decisions.

We wanted a nice dinner on the beach because every trip we splurge at least once, so we decided to splurge at Kahuna but we splurge responsible. Yvonne thought it would be a good opportunity to pitch her travel site. We usually get a discount on our meal, room, or ticket depending on the establishment. We were hoping to get a free appetizer or maybe a free meal.

The deal is pretty sweet: Yvonne will write an article in Dutch about the experience and the establishment provides some kind of discount. The Dutch spend around $20 billion per year on travel. In relation to population, they out spend just about every other country per year. Yvonne usually charges around € 80-100 ($110-135) per article. If the staff had been empowered to make decisions, they could have received € 100 worth of advertising for a friction of the cost. The most expensive item on the menu was about € 25.

If we would have ended up eating at the resort we would have maybe spent around € 30. We didn’t end up eating at the resort because after Yvonne asked about writing an article, they never came to take our order. We waited over 30 minutes before walking out. The service was poor and it was not busy, so we left.

Conclusion – Empower Employees

The conclusion and point of this article is to explain how important it is to empower employees. Every day, opportunities arise and many times management is unaware or unable to act on the opportunity because it is time sensitive. The only way to capitalize on these opportunities is to empower employees to make decisions and to trust employees to make the “right” decisions. Sometimes, the decisions employees make will be wrong but if they are too afraid to decide, real opportunities will be lost and how many real opportunities can your company afford to lose?

Empower Employees

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