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7 Ways To Extend The Reach On New Content

Extend The Reach On New Content

When you’re spending hours creating new content, the last thing you want to do is publish it to your website, and then let it sit. The “build it and they will come” mantra is something that’s repeated across the internet, but it’s a trap that you need to avoid letting yourself fall into.

Instead of simply publishing it, and waiting for a trickle of visitors to come in, find it, and respond to it, there are 7 different methods you can use to get more life out of each piece of content you create, and turn that trickle of visitors into a flood of traffic.

Method #1: Publish it to your social media channels

People spend hours every day on social media, and if you structure your content properly, you can interrupt their browsing patterns, get them to take notice, and click through to read the content on your site.

Taking this strategy one step further, you can also connect with influencers who have similar target markets, and their own built in audience.

By getting in touch with them, and working out a deal to exchange content, you can have them posting your new pieces in front of their audience, while you return the favor down the road.

Method #2: Pay to keep it in front of your audience

When you’ve published it on the major social media platforms, you’re going to notice a quick influx of visitors, and then it will begin to slow down into almost no traffic, at all.

This is because new posts to social media typically last for around 2 days, and then they’re forgotten completely. Unless you pay to put them back in front of your audience, extending their lifespan even more than you get out of organically posting the content. By spending a few bucks on each new piece of content you create, you can get it in front of thousands of more people, dramatically increasing your engagement and reach.

Method #3: Create an infographic around it

Infographics, or graphics that contain small bits of information, are some of the most popular types of content, and content that gets shared most often. It’s easy for publishers to grab the image, and quickly upload it to their website, or their social media channels, and it’s easy for their visitors to consume the information.

When you include your branding on the infographic itself, you increase your reach, and get your message in front of people that you probably didn’t have access to before. For $5 to $10, you can have a qualified graphic designer turn your content into a slick infographic that helps get your point across, and send more traffic to your website.

Method #4: Mail it to your list of subscribers

Email traffic is some of the most engaged visitors you’ll get to your website, because they already know who you are, and have trusted you enough to give you their email address.

Whenever you publish a new piece of content, take a few minutes to put together an email that grabs their attention, then piques their curiosity by telling them what they’re going to see, without giving away all of the information contained in the piece of content on your site.

The goal of your email is to get them to open it, with a crafty subject line, and then get them to click the link that leads to the piece of content you’ve created, where your intention is to convert them.

Don’t overthink it. Most times, shorter emails convert better than longer emails.

Method #5: Tell bloggers about it

After publishing the content to your site, start reaching out to bloggers that have your target audience’s attention, and let them know what you’ve created. If the content is good enough, other bloggers will pick it up, and let their visitors know. This is another strategy you can use to tap into audiences that you may not have had access to before you created the content.

It’s also a great way to get high quality links pointing to your site, which helps your content rank higher in the search engines — delivering new visitors organically.

Method #6: Turn it into video format

7 Ways To Extend The Reach On New ContentYouTube is the second largest search engine, next to Google. You can convert the content into a video format, publish it to YouTube, and then use the other strategies we’ve laid out here to increase it’s reach.

Your video doesn’t necessarily have to be elaborate, either. It could be someone on camera talking over the points you’ve outlined in the content, a set of PowerPoint slides that touch on the talking points, or even a whiteboard animation that breaks it down to make it easy for visitors to consume.

A short 2-3 minute video is fairly easy to create, and makes a huge impact on your market.

Method #7: Convert it into an audio podcast

This strategy is a bit more involved, but if you have audio recording equipment, you can use the podcast distribution platforms to help tap into a new audience, as well.

Podcasts are easily downloaded, and give you the opportunity to connect with your audience on a different level. Most times, the people that download your podcasts will take them with them on their phones, helping you get inside of their pockets.

Your audio can be as basic as reading the post itself, while expanding on a few key points to help make the podcast longer. The major key you want to follow is to make the content unique, and speak to people.

Extend The Reach On New Content

If you’re having trouble getting your content out in front of the masses, these 7 strategies will help you greatly expand your reach.

Each of them takes anywhere from a few minutes, to an hour or two to implement, and will massively increase your branding online, while also sending a flood of traffic to your website.

If you’re not using them already, practice one new strategy on each piece of content you create. Then, you can implement all 7 on new pieces, and watch how the traffic numbers stack up.


About the Author:

James Crook – Author, Speaker, Web Marketer – is the best selling author of “Digitally Enhanced” and founder of marketing agency Choc Chip Digital. He works with hundreds of small businesses each year to grow their client base online, and is a passionate advocate for the power of authentic, heart-centred marketing. Widely recognised as a confident and articulate communicator, James draws on his love of digital technology to inspire, motivate and educate audiences across Australia.

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