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It is Friday… Just be Awesome!

Just Be Awesome!

Today, I decided to just be awesome! On my way home from work I was planning my Friday evening and I decided to just be awesome. I usually come home and get on my computer, check my blog stats, Facebook and Twitter but not today. This last week has been very busy in our house and we have not had time to clean.

Tuesday we had Chinese lessons, Wednesday was my birthday and we went out for dinner and Thursday I had a networking event and Yvonne worked over time. So, now it is Friday night and the house is a mess. But for the last hour and a half, I have been cleaning and now Yvonne will come home to a clean house, a piece of chocolate cake, and a vodka martini. I decided to just be awesome.

Macro Marketing Ideas Applied to Everyday Life

Every day, your brand has the choice to be awesome, mediocre or awful, the choice is yours to make. The overall goal of marketing it to make the costumer purchase but the way this is done can vary greatly.

If we look at some of the better marketing ideas and we start to apply them to everyone we meet not just our brand strategy then we can start being awesome. Try this in your personal life for a whole month put the needs of every person you meet before your own.

If at the end of one month you see positive change in your personal life than try it with your brand. Think about what your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, roommate, friends do each month and try to find ways to make their lives easier. If you see positive change run with it! Than start thinking of your customers as friends and see if that helps.

People do it every day, they talk to themselves… they see themselves as they’d like to be, they don’t have the courage you have, to just run with it.” – Fight Club

Just be awesome

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