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As bloggers we are always looking to find new followers and increase our audience; today I will show you a few cool sites that can help you increase traffic to your blog. Here are my top 4 sites to increase traffic on a budget. This list is in no particular order of importance and not everyone will find these tactics useful.

Guerrilla Marketing Blog Tools

1. Project Wonderful

Project wonderful is a great advertising site. The idea is every simple. The site brings together bloggers (mostly) and allows them to advertise on each other’s sites. Anyone with a site can take an HTML code and place it on their blog. The code tracks basic stats like page views and traffic of the blog, then people wishing to advertise on the blog can see how well the blog preforms. Bloggers make money and advertisers generate traffic. The site is different than Google Ad-sense because you pay for impression not clicks but it is very cheap and you will get enough click through that it is worth using. Here is an example:

Project wonderful campaign, Guerrilla Marketing Blog Tools


You can see with this recent campaign that I spent a total of $5.01 and I received 50 unique clicks. So, the cost per click (CPC) is 10 cents. Not too bad and much cheaper than some of the major advertising sites. I also got 66,762 unique views which helps with brand awareness. The one major drawback I have found with this site is that the ads you can upload have to be less than 100 kbs which make it a little hard to make nice animated ads. Overall, I think this is a great way to market your blog for very cheap or make a little extra if you have a blog.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of those crazy sites were you spend $5 dollars and you never really know what you are going to get but I love it! This site is very unique; every gig on fiverr costs $5. This site is great for all kinds of projects, blogs, SEO, etc. You can browse through the different categories and find something useful to help increase traffic to your blog. Here you can pay $5 for guest blogs, banners, and even Facebook likes.

Not sure about SEO, no problem this site as you covered. I have tried a few gigs on here some have been successful and others have been a waste of money, but overall it’s a lot of fun trying new things and seeing if they help. I only have one word of advice when using this site: The SEO techniques that most of the gigs use are black hat techniques so be very careful when using these gigs, it could do more harm than good for your blog. So like they say “You get what you pay for”.

3. My Blog Guest

My Blog Guest is a very simple idea. Most bloggers understand the value of guest blogging, it increase traffic and exposes your blog to a new audience. So, just like the title suggests you can sign up and write guest blogs and receive guest blogs to your site. It’s very simple you write a great blog post but instead of posting it on your blog you log in to your account and post it on My Blog Guest.

After you post it there people with blogs will offer to post it on their site. You get to pick the blog you want it posted on, from the offers, and that blog will post it. Congratulations you have just Guest Blogged. Also, if you see a great blog post you can bid on it and try to host it on your blog. It’s a great idea because sometimes it is hard to get other bloggers to allow you to guest blog, especially when you just start blogging like me.

4. Freelance and Elance

Freelance and Elance are basically the same. They both offer a platform for freelance workers to offer their services. These sites are similar to Fiverr but they are much more organized and the quality of work is higher. Here you can find real solutions to some of your more difficult blog problems. If you want to rebuild your site or make a custom one you will be able to find someone within your price range to help. They are a bit more expensive but the quality of work is usually better. You can find just about anything web related on these sites and some of the offers will help increase your traffic.

Do you use any guerrilla marketing blog tools?

This is a small list of guerrilla marketing blog tools and I am sure there are many more sites out there that I have yet to find. So, help me out! If you know of any cool sites that can help bloggers increase their traffic or help create a better blog let us know in the comments.

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