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Infographic of all major social media image sizes

social media image sizes

Last month I stated a new travel blog called Trip Bitten and a lot of my time has shifted over to this new site. I have been spending a lot of time setting up the social media accounts and I have found that one size does not fit all. Social media image sizes come in all shapes and sizes. Below is an infographic provided by Sure Payroll that really helped me out when I was setting up all my social media accounts.

Take Twitter for example, I have been working hard to build an audience for Trip Bitten (and have done pretty well, 1,000+ organic followers in 2 months), but the image size for twitter is much different than the images on Pinterest. The Pinterest community expects different sizes and styles.

I know many Chinese businesses are starting to market abroad and this social media image sizes cheat sheet is extremely valuable for Chinese marketers or Western marketers looking to manage a social media community.

Infographic of all major social media image sizes

optimal image sizes for all major social media sites

I hope you find this infographic useful. I know it helped me out a lot when I was setting up new social media accounts and I am sure I will use it again in the future.

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