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Below is a list of website that offer the best job listings in China & Asia for the creative, advertising and marketing industries. Here you will find up-to-date information about agencies and businesses looking for qualified candidates. Be sure to leave a comment below if you know of any sites that are actively posting (English posts) creative jobs in the Asian markets.


font specializes in recruitment for the Digital, Marketing and Creative industries. font covers the entire Asian region with a focus on Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, and China. They actively update their job postings and if you are looking for a creative or digital job, than this should be your first stop.


CreativeHunt is an online portal dedicated to creative happenings, opportunities and news in China. They have a lot of great articles and an active job board. Their listings are updated every two or three days and are mostly agency postings. They have two job boards, one for Shanghai and one for Beijing, be sure to check out both to see the best opportunities before moving to China.

Damn Digital

Damn Digital is a great site about digital marketing in China. The website is in Mandarin but it is still worth looking through their job postings because many job descriptions are posted in both Mandarin and English. All of the postings are from local and global agencies looking for additional talent. Even if you are unable to read the postings, it is a good resource to find out which agencies are currently hiring.


JingJobs is a unique online network connecting job seekers with employment opportunities and internships within China. Their aim is to revolutionize the recruitment process by providing an efficient, organized and streamlined job-listing website.


Their platform powers the online job boards for many of China’s largest foreign Chambers of Commerce, as well as a wide range of other popular English publications, educational institutions, and various other organizations targeting bilingual professionals. They usually have a few creative jobs available and the site is worth viewing. They post jobs from around the Asian region including Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and more.


eChinacities is an English-language website that provides a comprehensive range of services and information for both international visitors and China-based expats. They also have an active jobs board. They post a lot of teaching positions but they also post marketing jobs for local business and some agencies. This is a good site to gauge the current market and understand price ranges for local expat and expat employees.

Warning: there are many recruiters using this site, which may lead to misunderstands.

The Beijinger

The Beijinger is similar to eChinacities but the site mostly focuses on Beijing. Their job board also covers a large group of industries with many teaching job available. If you refine your search you can usually find 50-100 marketing positions available and it is differently worth looking through to better understand the local market.

Warning: there are many recruiters using this site, which may lead to misunderstands.


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    justin weily
    February 1, 2016 at 1:26 am

    Hello my name is Justin Weily I run a production company in Hong Kong, Ants Media Asia. Who would i speak to about passing on our rate cards for camera crew, camera kit, editors and producers.

    Many thanks


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    Mohammad Hammad Hamza
    October 13, 2018 at 5:19 am

    Sir I am Working in AAJ NEWS in Karachi Pakistan . As a associate producer. and i am looking for a job in your firm. it would be a great honor for me that if i get a chance to work with this company. Thanks

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