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Mobile Commerce Trends in China [Infographic]

In the first post of this series we looked at the evolution of e-commerce in China. In the second post we looked at the trends and stats of e-commerce in China. Now, we will look at the mobile commerce trends in China. Feel free to share these posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest. Thank You.

The first infographic about mobile commerce trends in China is by the Alibaba group (found on Total Payment). This infographic is based on data from 2011-2012 and provides information about the emerging  mobile commerce trends in China. The second infographic is from Go-Global.

Again, they have put together a great infographic with recent data from 2013. This infographic shows some of the most current trends and gives a clear picture for what to expect in the future. Looking at both infopraphics provides us with a great picture of where the market was and where it is going. What are your thoughts on this growing trend?

Mobile Commerce Trends in China

Mobile Commerce Trends in China



Mobile Commerce Trends in China 2

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