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Oil & Gas industry marketing campaign idea

Oil & Gas industry marketing campaign idea


When I first stated working for CNPC-GWDC, I was really excited about creating an oil & gas industry marketing campaign. So, I can up with the idea below. Unfortunately, my company was not interested in this type of work and didn’t want me to pursue this kind of creativity.

After working at CNPC for almost 2 years and re-signing my contract for another year, I realize this idea will not be used anytime soon and so I thought I would share it. The other reason I have waited almost 2 years to share is I sent this to a creative director for feedback, but he never replied. This made me nervous because this idea might suck. You be the judge.

Oil & Gas industry marketing campaign idea

The O&G industry is one of the most high-tech industries in the world, but unfortunately, the marketing side of the business seems to be suck in the 1960’s with Don Draper. Some companies are engaging in content marketing and others are embracing digital, but a vast majority of O&G companies are state owned enterprises (SOEs) that seem to be stuck in the past. Print and trade show advertising seems to be were a large portion of funding is allocated, with little or no measurement systems in place to track ROI. Limited digital budgets are quickly leaving qualified companies in the dust, while Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, and other competitors are capturing the digital space. With so much change happening in the marketing field, now is the perfect time to kick start your O&G digital marketing and get back in the game!

Marketing Campaign Idea

The world is changing and marketing is becoming more integrated. This idea combines mobile, online, and event marketing. In the last few years, we have seen more and more outdoor and event campaigns include mobile apps into their integrated solution. A few notable ones were the award winning “Baby Back Home” campaign in China and an Adidas NEO’s Kinect Interactive campaign, which used Kinect technology to interact with consumers.


So, now I present to you my idea for a marketing/advertising campaign. “Drill, Baby, Drill” is a trade show advertising event that will allow individuals to drill for oil in their country and win prizes. The idea is relatively simple; a company (Baker Hughes, GWDC, Weatherford, etc.) will create a space/booth with a map of the country they are marketing in (i.e. USA, Angola, Venezuela, etc.). The map will be laid out on the floor and around the map will be 4 robotic arms. These arms will be similar to factory robotics; some oil service companies even make these types of products. The arms will be remote controlled by individuals’ mobile phones.


A user will scan a QR code and gain control of the robotic arm, after they have control of the arm, they must move it over the map of their country on the floor. When they are over an area that they think or know has oil, they will hit the drill button. The arm will shoot a laser on the spot and they can win a prize, if they strike oil. The mobile app will tell them what they won and they can enter some information about themselves and receive the prize.

Oil & Gas industry marketing campaign idea

Map showing robotic arms and a user ‘drilling’ in the Gulf of Mexico



If done correctly, no one would miss this booth at a trade show. It is fun and they win a small prize. It can also get the conversation going about possible areas of exploration. The company could put the best prizes in areas that are under-explored, but are known to have possible oil reservoirs, the individuals that “take a risk” and drill in these under-explored areas could be rewarded with better prizes. This could get people talking about those areas and might say a lot about the industry.


Think about this, if many people are drilling offshore on the map than maybe people in that country are a) in the offshore industry, or b) think the future of O&G is offshore in their country. This could start many interesting conversations and really get people talking about themselves and the future.

I have been to trade shows and people are always a little shy to start talking and never know what to talk about, this would be the ultimate icebreaker. People would be lined up to play this interactive game. You would get more emails and telephone numbers than any other booth. Those emails and telephone number are potential leads and they are most likely personal phone numbers, not company lines. You could use this data to create a massive email list and phone list and you could get the general feeling of the future of the industry in a country.

Taking it one step further

If you want to make it even more interesting and display some of your company’s technology, you could make users choose (in app) different drill bits, pipes, and other equipment you sell or use every day. Test their knowledge of your technology, onshore drilling requires different equipment than offshore. Make users choose between your equipment. They would have to read product descriptions before “Drilling.” This would introduce your services and products in a fun and interesting way. Not the boring way of asking what they do and what equipment they need. I think the engagement factor would be off the chart. I know if I was at the event I would try it.

Final thoughts

This is just an idea (I do not know if it has already been done, but I have not seen it, if it has been done), I know there are many factors involved in setting this up, but at the same time all the technology exists. Factories have been using robotic arms for decades now, mobile apps are easier and cheaper to make now, and QR codes are easy to use. I think this type of campaign could even win an award within specific categories in the advertising industry (i.e. mobile integration, B2B campaigns, etc). I have seen many different booths at trade shows, but I have never seen this…. Yet!

What are your thoughts about this idea? Are you in a creative mood? Read some other ideas I have had in the past, “100,000 engaged followers”  “Alibaba e-commerce pop-up store Advertising Idea” or “Creating a mobile gaming platform in China.”

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