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One Minute Online in China (Infographic)

one minute online in China (Infographic)

Here is a great infographic from TechInAsia. This infographic shows what happens in one minute online in China and it is amazing. Some of the numbers are a little hard to believe and might not be completely accurate, but it still gives us an idea of how important the Chinese internet is becoming and how important it will be in the future.

Here are some to the highlights:

  • In one minute online in China over 4,000 rides on Didi are requested
  • Almost 400,000 people login to WeChat
  • 625,000 Youku videos are being watched
  • Over 64,000 Weibo posts are posted or reposted with 50,000+ being images
  • Over 4M searches are conducted on Baidu
  • 774 people buy something on Tmall and Taobao spending over $1.1M with more than half being spent on¬†mobile devices

One Minute Online in China (Infographic)

One minute online in China (Infographic), 60 sec in China internet

The future of China’s internet

There are currently about 700 million internet users in China and the number is expected to reach close to 1 billion by 2020, this means that the Chinese internet will make up a large part of the total internet population. With the increase in mobile users in rural areas and greater access to cheap hardware, we can expect to see these numbers above to rise over the next 5 years.

China is becoming a powerhouse for new tech startups and innovative apps. WeChat, Didi, Blued, and a host of other specialized apps and sites are slowly taking over the net. 60 sec in China will mean billions of dollars for brands, sites, and individuals. The future of China’s internet is about to blow past anything happening in Silicon Valley! Are you ready for the new tech wave coming out of Asia?

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