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One Year Anniversary of Chairman Migo – Marketing in China

One Year Anniversary of Chairman Migo

One Year Anniversary of Chairman Migo – Marketing in China

Today February 21, 2014 marks the one year anniversary of Chairman Migo. I have been blogging about Chinese marketing, digital marketing in China, my personal life related to marketing in China for one year. So, what have I accomplished? This post will cover past goals, site stats, future goals and future content plan for Chairman Migo.

Past Goals

I started Chairman Migo for two reasons. The first reason was to force myself to learn more about the marketing and advertising industry in China. I have read many reports, blogs, and news articles about marketing in China and I can defiantly say I know a lot more about marketing in China than I did one year ago. The second reason I started this blog was to help improve my chances of getting hired at a marketing or advertising firm. I can also say this blog was defiantly important in securing my current position at a social media and content marketing agency. I achieved both goals I set for myself one year ago.

Site Stats

WordPress Stats

With all the hard to measure goals out of the way, what did I actually accomplish in one year? Here are the stats for Chairman Migo. After one year, I published 70 articles or 1.3 articles a week. I received 17,573 page views or an average of 48 page views per day (My personal page views were not included.) I also received 134 comments (My personal comments were included in this total.) My best day received 274 page views (This was a promotional campaign I spent money on.)

CM one year stats

Over the last few months, I have been receiving between 2,000 – 3,000 monthly page views.

Monthly views

My most popular post was Beijing Oktoberfest 2013 with 5,352 views. Followed by Top 10 list of Advertising Agencies in China with 2,695 views. I have learned that getting pictures indexed on Google is a great way to drive traffic to a site. The Oktoberfest article has a photo of a few sexy women drinking beer that was indexed on Google, which is why there are many page views to that post.

CM Popular posts

Google Stats

According to Google, the stats are a little different. Google shows that I have received 23,841 page views, 11,115 visits with 9,231 visitors being unique. It also shows that the average time on site is 1:28 minutes and the bounce rate is 61% (which is a little too high in my opinion).

Google Analyitcs CM

WordPress Stats

I have also had a ton of clicks or 4,758 to be more precise. The big winners are shown in the screenshot below. Note to self: Figure out how to make money off all the clicks or reach out to all these agencies and ask for interviews.

Clicks on CM

Where is all the traffic coming from to access Chairman Migo? Most of the traffic is driven by strong SEO. When I started blogging, I read a lot of articles about SEO and I try to make every post fully optimized. You can see in the picture below where most of the traffic is coming from to reach Chairman Migo. I have been using Reddit more and I like the results. You can see 635 visitors have arrived from Reddit, which is almost double the amount of traffic from Facebook. I never spend enough time on my Facebook page and with the new updates; almost no one sees my posts.

Site Traffic

Future Goals

I have big plans for this site in the coming year. My new goals are to post 100 new articles, double my page views, double my unique visitor views, and double my comments. This means, I would like to have received 35,000 page views and 18,000 unique visitors during the course of one year. I believe this goal is obtainable but it will require more work on my part. I would also like to be more active on Twitter and increase the number of email subscribers.

Future Content Plan

In the future, I will be creating new content about marketing in China. Here is my content break down:

  • 10-15 lists about agencies/companies/services in China. These tend to get high traffic and clicks but they provide little value. With that said I will write about 10-15 lists (if you would like to be included or have an idea feel free to email me or comment below.)
  • 40-50 articles about marketing in China. After all, this is a blog about marketing in China.
  • 20-30 articles about marketing in general and/or management. I also studied management and I sometimes like to discuss big ideas or share my views about management.
  • 0-5 book reviews because I love to read but never seem to have enough time. If I read a good book about marketing or business I might want to share the insights.
  • 0-5 articles about events in China, if I attend an event about marketing in China, I will share my thoughts and what I learned.
  • 0-5 personal updates about my life and travels in Asia/China.
  • 5-10 infographics about marketing in China or social media platforms in China.
  • 3-5 E-books that take a closer look at one area of marketing in China
  • 5-10 SlideShares about marketing in China or marketing in general

This is a lot of content and it is a big plan that will require me to spend more time than I have previously spent on the site, but I hope I can stick to this plan. I do not know how busy I will be in the future with work and life but I will try my best to keep posting relevant in useful content.

How do you think I did for my first year of blogging?

How do you think I can make this site better?

What content would you like to see in the future? 

Thanks for reading and thanks to everyone that made this last year a success in my mind!

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