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Scott Kronick Book Signing Party At The Bookworm

Scott Kronick book signing 3

Scott Kronick Book Signing Party At The Bookworm

On February 19, 2014 Scott Kronick held a book signing and release party at the Bookworm in Beijing. I had the honor and privilege to attend the event. I have been volunteering for [email protected] for about 5 months now in order to gain more access and exposure to the marketing and advertising community in China (Beijing). In through my affiliation with chinaSMACK, I was invited to the event by Wendy Fung of Ogilvy. The event was extremely interesting and I had the honor to personally meet a legend of the PR industry of China. I was able to get a personal introduction (Thank you Wendy) and listen to some of the major players in the industry.

James McGregor author of the popular Chinese business book titled “One Billion Customers” (AL) was the monitor. I have been slowly working my way through this book, not because it is boring but I have been to busy with writing for three blogs and work. The book is actually very interesting and I will write a book review about it once I finally finish it. Along with James, Jaime FlorCruz – Beijing Bureau Chief at CNN, also helped monitor the event.

Scott Kronick book signing party

James McGregor and Scott Kronick

The event was casual and most people seemed to know each other. Scott’s book is a little light but he read a story from the book about marriage advice and the story was humorous. I will attempt to read the book over the next few weeks during my spare time. The book costs 50 RMB and the event also cost 50 RMB.

The event didn’t touch too much on his work life, which is a shame because I would have loved to hear some of his stories, but the book is about everyday events in China. Scott has lived in China for over 20 years and he has experienced just about every odd, funny, and extreme encounter possible for an expat living in China.

Listening to him talk about China was motivating because you could hear that he truly loves living in this country. Below is a small video of Scott Kronick reading a story from his new book titled “The Lighter Side of China.”

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