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Third Weekend Reading

Third weekend reading

Weekend Reading

Hello everyone, I spend a lot of time reading and researching about Chinese business and I thought I will share the best stuff I find. I will try to post this on Friday so you have some weekend reading material. I spend about 1-2 hours a day looking up stuff about Chinese business and I read a lot of different articles, but not everyone has that much time to spend looking for relevant information. I hope by posting these blog posts it will help you better understand China and save you time. I have read through all the bad blog posts, so you don’t have too. I hope you enjoy your weekend reading. In the future I might post on a practical topic. Example: Travel/Tourism, Fashion, Green Tech Markets, etc.

Third Weekend Reading

A while back I tried to post a weekend reading section each week but I kind of forgot about it. I only did two posts: First Weekend Reading and Second Weekend Reading, but I do like to idea of bring you the best articles and content I have found thought out the week, so I will try to get it going again. Today, I have found a few articles I thought were interesting to read. Let’s get started:

Article one: Ikea

This article is about Ikea, the famous Swedish furniture company, and how they have been adapting to the Chinese market. The article takes an interesting look at how Chinese view and interact with the brand at its stores in China. Also, it talks a little about the past and future of Ikea in China. I enjoyed the read.

Chinese sleeping in Ikea

Photo Source:

Article Two: The Chinese Tourists

The Chinese tourists can be a real handful. This article takes a look at the changing tourist market. The Chinese have recently overtook Germany and America as the top spenders in the global tourist market, but not everyone can cope with them.

tourist in front of eiffel

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Article Three: China’s first tourism law

Keeping on the topic of tourism, this next article from CNN, talks about the new laws imposed because of the recent bad press Chinese tourists are attracting. “Though the new law deals mainly with domestic tourism, there are sections that cover the rights of outbound travelers in their dealings with Chinese tour companies.” I don’t know if it is the first law on tourism but it is newly passed and it is kind of interesting to see how things are changing in the industry. (Don’t read the comments: Everybody screaming about racism and America/China is better.)

Article four: Mapping China’s middle class

The article is from Mckinsey and Company and it takes a look at the Chinese middle class. “The explosive growth of China’s emerging middle class has brought sweeping economic change and social transformation—and it’s not over yet. By 2022, our research suggests, more than 75 percent of China’s urban consumers will earn 60,000 to 229,000 renminbi ($9,000 to $34,000) a year.” This article ties into the above articles because with the rising middle class many want to travel aboard and now they have the means. It is an interesting read and gives you an idea of how China is changing.

Final Thoughts

I hope that I can keep up on these posts and that you find them useful. I am always looking for good articles and blogs; so if you know of a blog or article that I might like leave a comment and I will be sure to check it out! Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend reading!

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