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Top 10 advertising agencies in Myanmar

Top 10 advertising agencies in Myanmar, advertising agency Myanmar, advertising agency in Myanmar

Top 10 advertising agencies in Myanmar

Over the last decade, Myanmar has gone through considerable change including holding elections and enacting new reforms. According to emerging money, “The country hopes the move will attract more foreign investors, and it appears to be working. The U.S. lifted sanctions on June 14th, 2012 for the first time in 60 years, with Canada and the European Union relaxing sanctions as well.”

In the past we took a look at some of the top advertising agencies around Asia, now we will talk about advertising agencies in Myanmar. Because Myanmar is a frontier market and is still very underdeveloped, there are only a hand full of advertising agencies in Myanmar. There are both local and a few 4a advertising agencies in Myanmar, this list will cover a mix of both. 

Most of the descriptions are taking from LinkedIn profiles or from the agency’s website.

Bonus Round

These first two agencies are in the bonus round because they reached out to me after I published this list. These two agencies are actively monitoring the industry and looking for ways to market themselves. I like this in an agency because it shows they are aware of industry changes and they are quick to act.


hqtap is an agency specialized on mobile advertising. The phenomenal explosion and quickness evolution of the mobile market in Myanmar generate that 50% of Internet users are mobile only. hqtap has logically focused their business model on the portable device advertising market, known to be the future of the web experience. The company started operations on desktop advertising market, and now focuses mainly on the mobile advertising, which they have benefited 5 years experience.

Based in Brunei, hqtap is present in Singapore and Thailand, and since 2014, on the Birman market. With multiple strategies tailored to their customer needs, the agency is specialized on branding campaign and brand awareness. By developing and owning optimized and innovative solutions, hqtap provides precise answers, for fast and adapted to trademark interests, using a technology targeting for mobiles devices that allows to provide extremely accurate and qualitative results. With their experience, they also offer a whole range of services: re-targeting, gps targeting, best customers targeting/following/tracking, email marketing, sms marketing, reputation management, etc. hqtap’s primary goal is to increase sales and improve / manage branding.

Myanmar Plus

They design and build mobile apps, websites, eCommerce solutions and digital marketing campaigns. As designers, engineers and tech entrepreneurs, their mission is to introduce the latest technologies and innovation to Myanmar. Their founders have extensive experience in digital technology and have previously worked with the world’s leading brands on mobile operating systems, mobile apps, web sites and apps, digital marketing, e-commerce solutions and online publishing platforms and finance platforms.

The others on the List


Established in 1991, SAIL and its founding members are credited with starting Myanmar’s advertising and marketing industry, putting up the country’s first billboard for Kodak in 1992, as well as promoting the country’s first beauty pageant in 1996 and launching the country’s first HIV/health advertisement, part of the award-winning Aphaw condom campaign in 2003/2004. Today, their award-winning creative advertising and marketing campaigns always start with sound market research of the client’s product, localization strategy and target demographics.

Amara Digital Marketing

According to their website, they love Social Media and believe that online marketing benefits the organisations more than traditional marketing especially for brands with a sense of urbanity. To fill the gap between online audience and businesses, they stepped forward by founding Amara in Yangon, which is right at the heart of Myanmar.

Amara Digital Agency provides a wide range of solutions for your online marketing targets. They specialize in Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Commercial Blogging, and SEO Optimization. They do consultancy and training, copy writing and creative website design as well.

Mango Marketing Services

Mango Marketing is a brand communication agency. They strive to provide value added quality services in transparent and professional manners to achieve clients’ trust as a brand builder. 


ganad’s unique blend of unparalleled experience and personal attention has won fans across the board; from the most humble of SMEs to multinational corporations the likes of Citroën, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Nissan, Isuzu, McDonald’s, Canon and Johnson Suisse. Wherever one lies on the corporate spectrum, all that walk through their doors are assured of equal quality of service.

Parami Road

Parami Road brings an integrated approach to marketing in Myanmar. They use the full range of communications strategies required to engage the target audience. From public relations to creative and design to digital and social media, Parami Road is bringing a fresh international approach to marketing in Myanmar. From the look of their website don’t expect too much in the way of website design, but if you are looking to start a conversation to find out more about advertising options in Myanmar, they are a good start. 


MIC provides advertising for their customers’ needs in the form of Billboard services, photo and TVC shooting, advanced graphic design solution, cooperate design services. The are 100% local and they believe in design. they have strong in house creative teams and outsourcing links with the international creative studios, which specialize in TVC, Animation and Design services.

Y&R Yangon

Y&R recently opened a branch office in Yangon. Y&R is one of the world’s leading full-service advertising agencies, distinguished by their proprietary knowledge, analytic rigor and creative solutions. Y&R ignites brand energy through big ideas – before and beyond advertising. Y&R pioneered integrated marketing more than 30 years ago. Through their collaborative efforts with their Young & Rubicam Brands partners, they are uniquely positioned to help their clients with best-in-class solutions.

Liquid Marketing

They help brands both old and new find a voice that sings true to their spirit. Once they have captured that personality they bring it to life through striking visuals and communications designed to create impact, and ultimately influence your consumers to buy. They work across a range of different channels and media.


They are the only agency operating in all five countries of Indochina and the six key cities of Bangkok, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Phnom Penh, Vientiane, and Yangon. But even more importantly for them, the five countries of Indochina are the only places they operate. For the 220 of them who make up riverorchid, Indochina is their sole focus.  They believe it has to be that way as Indochina is kaleidoscopically complex with a myriad of colliding yet co-existing cultures, languages, scripts, ethnicities, religions, climates, and values.

Riverorchid also remains independently owned. Supported as they are by our large team of Indochina’s most experienced professionals combined with multi-award winning global talent, this means that they can offer genuinely world class work, but do so without being encumbered with the very heavy central costs and time-consuming bureaucracy which go with being owned by a major network agency.


Phibious is a proudly independent brand marketing and communications company pioneering in the fastest-growing markets across Southeast Asia with offices in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, and association in Laos. We work for some of the world’s most iconic brands. We exist to find smarter ideas for our clients so as to build the most inspiring brands in the region.

Conclusion on Advertising Agencies in Myanmar

With new reforms and a population that nearly doubled since the 1980’s to around 60 million in 2013, Myanmar is slowly becoming a hot spot for FMCG and other products. This continued growth and stabilization of Myanmar has lead many companies to look for marketing and advertising agencies in Myanmar. This list was created to provide a starting point for anyone looking for advertising agencies in Myanmar. Good luck with your future endeavors in Myanmar.

Note: I have not hired any of these advertising agencies in Myanmar and I do not have firsthand experience with their work.

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    Hi Please visit the facebook page of (Pastel Communications) It is just 4 years old in Myanmar but is working as Brand & Event/ Activation Agency of some of the Biggest Brands in the country – and doind some really out of the box initiatives in the field. 🙂

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    New kid on the block, , Digital Agency

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    The advertising market is getting bigger and new agencies – global, local, specific – pop up quite often. For creative cross-media campaigns, we found 3 years ago in Yangon, Synapse Original, a 360° advertising agency. Have a look at our projects and our cool team

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    There are some more digital marketing agencies in Myanmar as well, please see

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