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Top 5 Chinese Drones to buy to improve your videos!

Top 5 best Chinese Drones

Today, we are looking at the top 5 Chinese Drones to buy to improve your videos. Drones are becoming more popular for filming and many travel videos and action shots are now using drone footage. DJI is currently leading the field with some of the best drones on the market, but they are not the only drone company out there. Here are top 5 Chinese drones to buy if you are looking to improve your footage. Watch the video below or read the list:

Top 5 Chinese Drones to buy in 2018 – 2019

5. Yuneec Breeze 4K

Muscling in on DJI and Parrot’s position at the mid to high end of the market is relative newcomer, Yuneec, which burst onto the scene with its mean-looking Typhoon drone in 2015.
The Breeze 4K is a different proposition entirely. It’s aptly named as it couldn’t be easier to set up. You just fold out the four wings, install the Yuneec smartphone app and get started. It’s really easy to pilot with the intuitive on-screen controls. Unlike the Parrot and DJI models, it doesn’t have a compatible joystick controller, but this is a relatively small drawback.
To complete the package, the Breeze comes with built-in social media connectivity so you can instantly show everyone how amazing your holiday is with a simple tap of the app. All in all, this is a great drone for Instagram fans but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is a gimmick – it produces great 4K images. One issue is that the battery runs down quickly – you’ll only get twelve minutes on a single 40-minute charge.

4. DJI Spark Mini Drone

The latest release from DJI, the Chinese brand which currently sits atop the drone world, is a bit of a game-changer for one simple fact: it’s so small. The vast majority of drones that offer full HD video quality are significantly larger, meaning that they aren’t practical for use in many scenarios. The Spark easily fits in the palm of your hand and is light and portable with the included plastic case.

Despite its small frame, the Spark comes with many of the same flight modes as its more expensive models. It has Active Track, which allows you to automatically follow a subject and Helix which makes the drone perform a cinematic corkscrew around you as it ascends.
A great feature is that you can take it out of the case and start flying straight away using hand gestures. Once it takes off, you point your palm at it and then move in any direction, the drone will follow.

3. DJI Phantom 4

The DJI Phantom range is a best seller for good reason – out of the box, it is a beautiful piece of sleek, white plastic and when it gets into the air it is fantastically responsive and boasts an unrivalled set of features.
It darts around exactly where you want it to at a breakneck 20m per second (45mph), yet still captures silky footage thanks to the gimbal-mounted camera and the steadiness of the machine itself. It will hold its position even in moderate winds and always feels sturdy and reliable.
Even for the novice, it’s easy to handle, via the controller provided, using your phone or tablet for first-person view. It’s the Phantom’s impressive set of tricks that set it apart, however. Tap an object in the view of your phone and the drone will lock onto it as you fly around to capture footage from all angles. It can also track moving objects. Battery life is a respectable 25 minutes and the range is 5km.

2. DJI Mavic Pro

The Phantom 4 clearly raised the bar when released, but then DJI brought out the Mavic Pro. A year on from that release, this model has become a favorite among drone enthusiasts and travel bloggers alike. It essentially bundles all of the impressive abilities of its bigger brother into an unbelievably tiny package that you can fold up and throw in your hand luggage. The Mavic is the ultimate flying camera to take on holiday or an adventure sports weekend. With a top speed of 40mph, it isn’t quite as fast as the Phantom but can track objects and automatically avoid obstacles in the same way.
The camera has a narrower field of view but for most purposes this makes little difference. The quality is still razor-sharp 4K. The battery also lasts around 25 minutes and it has the longest range of all of the models at 7km.

1. Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

Yuneec is one of DJI’s only realistic competitors at the top end of the drone market at the moment and its Typhoon H Pro model competes squarely with the Phantom 4. The Typhoon’s distinct design has six blades as opposed to the usual four and it can still fly if one of them breaks down. It also has a controller with a built-in 7in touchscreen monitor, meaning you don’t have to rely on your smartphone or tablet as you do with the Phantom and Mavic. On the negative side, the controller is on the large side, making it impractical in some circumstances.
The drone itself is quick and simple to handle, with a top speed of 43.5mph – slightly lower than DJI’s Phantom 4. Picture quality from the 12MP camera is also crisp and you can get some really impressive footage using some of the shooting modes. The RealSense obstacle-avoidance system works well in most instances but can’t pick up hazards unless they are approaching from the front. Battery life is slightly shorter than the Phantom 4 and Mavic at a maximum of 20-25 minutes.

Final on Top 5 Chinese Drones to buy

What do you think of these drones? Leave a comment below to let us know and if you are looking for other Chinese tech check out this post: TOP 5 BEST CHINESE SMARTPHONES 

Top 5 best Chinese Drones


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