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CHat: The largest WeChat Conference in Beijing

WeChat Conference in Beijing

About a week ago, a week ago, a week ago…. Sorry that song always gets stuck in my head now when I write that, anyways, about a week ago, I went to a job fair hosted by Jing Jobs and I met Matthew Brennan from China Channel. Matt (I don’t know him that well, but I will still call him Matt) is working on WeChat related services. He and his team are putting together massive resources related to all things WeChat.

Of course this got me interested because I have written about WeChat in the past and I wanted to know more about his work. This lead him to tell me about CHat, which will be the largest WeChat conference in Beijing. As we were talking, he told me about the guest speakers and I started to get more excited because I know a few of them. Andrew Schorr from Grata and Thomas Graziani from Walk The Chat will be presenting on different aspects of WeChat. I have seen Thomas speak at a TechNode event and I personally know Andrew. Both are extremely knowledgeable about WeChat and marketing on WeChat, which is why I am excited to hear them speak.

Below are all the important details about the event and what you can expect. I would suggest buying tickets early because an event like this is bound to sell out. There are just too many people interested in learning more about WeChat and this event is bound to have a lot of experts and potential clients. I sometimes wish I was in the WeChat marketing game…. Maybe one day, but for now check out the details below or download the pdf (it’s really pretty).

WeChat Conference in Beijing

CHat: The largest WeChat Conference in Beijing

Event Summary

CHat is a half day conference dedicated to all things WeChat. We are bringing Beijing’s top English
language speakers and experts to one place. A celebration of all things WeChat, CHat is a place to
network, learn and have fun.

  • Presentations from top WeChat marketing and technical experts
  • Practical workshops throughout the day with detailed, actionable content
  • Exhibition area featuring the latest WeChat products and services
  • Live interview with the owner of WeChat’s most successful English language account
  • Interactive WeChat activities and games
  • Expert panel discussion
  • Drinks and networking

Interested in WeChat? Then you will not want to miss this event.

  • Sunday April 24th – 2:00 to 7:00 PM
  • This event is officially supported by the European Union SME Centre

The Design Service Center

13th Floor, Section A, GeHua Plaza, Qinglong Hutong

Lama Temple Subway Station (YongHeGong – Line 2)

Exit B then walk 300 meters east

DSC 歌华创意设计服务中心

北京市东城区青龙胡同一号歌华大厦 A 座 13 层

从雍和宫地铁站 B 出口向东 300 米

Event Attendees

Early Bird Tickets 180 RMB

Late Tickets (after 20th April) 250 RMB

Booth Display (Limited to 9)

Early Bird 2,000 RMB

Normal Price 3,000 RMB

Expert Speakers

Forget those thinly veiled sales pitches of people pushing their own services and products. Here we have a collection of expert thought leaders in their respective fields delivering informed and entertaining presentations filled with insights. Short Q&As will follow each speech providing you with the opportunity to grill them on the details.

WeChat Conference in Beijing

WeChat Conference in Beijing

The Venue

WeChat Conference in Beijing


WeChat Conference in Beijing

Main Event Schedule

WeChat Conference in Beijing

Final Thoughts on CHat: WeChat Conference in Beijing

I think this is going to be the start of professional WeChat conferences. Many people have reached out looking for help with WeChat and there have been very few places to send interested parties. Walk the Chat and Grata have been the only real players in this space for some time and everyone else has seemed to treat WeChat like a value added service. Ogilvy, JWT, or even the smaller digital players have been treating WeChat like an additional social media service, but I think the mindset is changing and we will start to see a more professional approach.

I hope and believe China Channel can bring all the separate players together to create useful events and workshops. Currently, nobody is filling this gap, but I hope we will see more events and a more professional approach. If they are able to pull this event off without any major problems, I think they will establish themselves has the go to resource that we all need (fingers crossed). If I have time, I will try to interview Matt and I will also try to make it to the event and have a follow-up report. I’m way to busy, but I will try.


If you are interested in joining the event you can register here.

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