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WeChat User Data infographic from China Skinny

WeChat User Data

In the last few weeks, we have been bringing you more information about WeChat.

Today, we wanted to share this great infographic from China Skinny about WeChat user data. Below we can see a ton of great insights about WeChat users and how they use WeChat. Some of the more shocking stats to us were:

  • – 16.5% of users use WeChat more than 50 times a day.
  • – Only 5.2% have purchased Stickers.
  • – 34.3% spend between 100 – 199 RMB per month on DiDi.
  • – 64.3% of users are males.

WeChat User Data infographic from China Skinny

WeChat User Data infographic

Final Thoughts on WeChat User Data

The China Skinny has been putting together good content about China and social media in China for awhile now and we encourage you to check out their company blog. If you are looking for more great content about marketing in China than read “Best Blogs To Follow About Marketing in China.

Overall, most of the WeChat user data was in-line with the other content we have posted and read, but seeing it in an infographic is always a great way to access data.

  • – What are some of the things that shocked you about the current WeChat users?
  • – How will you uses this data to help make decisions about your WeChat strategy?
  • – Do you have a WeChat Strategy?

Leave us a comment and let us know how this WeChat user data helps your company and feel free to share any great resources about WeChat or marketing in China. Thanks for reading and thanks to the China Skinny.

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