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What time is the best time to write content? [Infographic]

Best Time To Write infographic

What time is the best time to write content? This is an important question every content marketer must ask themselves. If you are working for a company and your job is to produce stellar content on a regular basis, than it is important to know when and where you are most productive. This infographic created by QuickSprout is an interesting scientific breakdown that shows when and why you are most productive at different times during the day.

Is there any truth to this infographic? Well, I tend to think of myself as a night owl and I often stay up late, but I also tend to tune out after work. I don’t like writing in my “free” time and would rather get my content created and written in the morning. I now write between 8:30 until 11:30 am (when I am at work). In the afternoon, I usually read other’s content and, in the evening, I play games or watch movies (if I don’t have house work).

What does this infographic have to do with China? Nothing, but I know many people that read this blog are marketers or content produces (Chinese or Foreign) and it is important to know when you are most productive. Not everyone thinks about the best time to write content.

I thought this would be an interesting share and you should consider your content creation habits. Trying to force content is a great way to push readers away and leave people dissatisfied. Leave a comment and let us know what time is best for you?

 What time is the best time to write content?

quicksprout Best Time To Write content infographic

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