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The “winner” of the 2014 lists on Chairman Media

“winner” of the 2014 lists on Chairman Media

The “winner” of the 2014 lists was YSD with around 800 click-throughs last year. There is no reward for the winner, but I am writing this post to showcase the value of being on one of Chairman Media’s “Top advertising agencies list.” 2014 just ended and I like to review the year by posting website stats and future goals. One of the stats I like to track is the amount of click-throughs that agencies receive from Chairman Media.

Last year, I posted about 7 new agency lists including the top 15 advertising agencies in Hong Kong. This list did particularly well and YSD, an agency on the list, received around 800 clicks. Below is a photo showing the top clicks during 2014.

Clicks Stats - Chairman Media

It is clear to see that a lot of traffic is going through Chairman Media (over 10,000 clicks). Next year, I am planning on writing 12 new “Top advertising agencies lists” and now is the chance for your agency to be a part. If your agency website is well designed to capture and convert potential clients, than this is a great opportunity for you.

If your website can capture 1 in 200 views (hopefully it is better, because many agencies’ website do not generate a lot of traffic) and if you can convert one of these captures, than being on one of these lists could generate a lot of money for your agency. For example at my old agency, we had clients worth anything from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars.

What is the point of all this? Well, Chairman Media does not make any money, as a matter of fact it loses money each year and I am looking for ways to break-even. I am willing to feature your agency on a list for a small fee. All the current lists and future lists are open to agencies that are willing to pay. If you are already on a list great, you have been receiving free traffic and you will continue to receive traffic unless another agency pays for your spot. If you want to secure your spot or move up on a list let me know and we can work something out.

With that little pitch out of the way, I am planning on writing 12 lists in 2015 (one per month). Below are the lists that I plan to write. I am willing to change or write a different list if requested. I usually search on LinkedIn and Google to find agencies and if your agency is not easily found, chances are you will not end up on the list (don’t leave it up to chance).

Chairman Media 2015 lists

(Tentative list, the order and/or the country may change based on future conditions)

Advertising Agencies Lists:

  1. Japan
  2. Thailand
  3. Nepal
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Indonesia
  6. Mongolia
  7. Laos
  8. Sir Lanka
  9. Cambodia
  10. Taiwan
  11. Malaysia
  12. Australia

With all of the stats and year end posts out of the way, you can expect new content about marketing next week. I am hoping to post one article per week on Monday and promote it throughout the week. Thanks for making CM a success in 2014.

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