Solutions to the Redirect problem in China

Solutions to the Redirect problem in China

If you are in China, you have probably been experiencing the Redirect or Redirect. This is one more attempt by the powers to control the internet in China. The Great Firewall monitors all traffic in and out of China. This program has identified a Facebook login plug-in that is popular on many foreign websites.

The Great Firewall is now replacing JavaScript for the Faecbook plug-in with a redirect JavaScript. This is causing all traffic in China to be redirected to the two site mentioned earlier. This Redirect is making it impossible to operate on the internet because it is random and frustrating.

Solutions to the Redirect

Solution one to the Redirect problem

Currently, there are a number of workarounds, but nothing is working that great. The first suggestion we have come across is JavaScript blocking. Most people are using Chrome these days, so here is how you block JavaScript in Chrome.

 Step 1 -> In Chrome: go to settings Redirect Solution


Step 2 -> After you open Settings: Click on ‘Show Advanced Settings’. The advanced settings will give you the option to select ‘Privacy’. Redirect Solution


Step 3 -> After you select privacy: You will see JavaScript. Here you will have two options.

Option 1 is to disable all JavaScript. This option is a last resort because the web runs on JavaScript. Turn it off and browse around for a little while and you will see what I mean. Many sites will not function properly if you use option one. Redirect Solution


Option Two is to click on ‘Manage exceptions,’ this will open a new window, which will allow you to manage which sites are blocked. You can than enter in [*.] and [*.] I have added Facebook blocks also. This should solve your redirect and redirect, but it is not working for everyone. This brings us to our next solution to the redirect problem. Redirect Solution

Solution two to the Redirect problem

According to a Reddit user, “If you want a really quick fix for the problem, simply add “” to your favorite ad blocker (like uBlock origin, adblock plus, etc.) and you can browse all those websites again with no problem! (you can also add to your ad blocker, but this will also prevent legitimate Facebook connect sites once the Great Cannon is done.”

This solution is a quick fix, much like the first one, but it will get you by for now. I am working from my office and I don’t have access to the admin controls, so I have not tried the ad blocker solution. I have only been able to disable all JavaScript in my browser, but this is not a very good solution to the redirect problem. I am going a little crazy at work now.

Solution three to the Redirect problem

The third option is to use a VPN, I am currently using Astrill at my house and I am not having this problem. You can read more about VPN’s here. Using a VPN is still the best option when dealing with different internet blocks in China.

The Redirect problem

I will try to keep you updated has we move forward with this new problem. I might also talk about how this is a major new cyber weapon for the powers in China. Think about a botnet with over 500 million users. They could redirect traffic at any site for any reason and create a DDoS attack. I feel a little sorry for the travel bloggers that got destroyed by this redirect. Anyways, this is life in and out of China. More stories to come. Keep smiling all you ‘Sunshine’ people.

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